06 January 2012

Darren Bent, is he...? Really? Why? hmmm....

He loves to do that at Sunderland.
According to a Mirror journalist via his twitter, Darren Bent is a done deal to join LFC. And he quoted unnamed sources from LFC. Was it Kenny Dalglish himself? Or some one from Standard Chartered Bank (you need money to pay Aston Villa, right?). I read this story at about 9pm Malaysia time.

At the time of writing now, there is still no official announcement nor denials from the club. I'm not sure if that's would happened in the next hour or two. I couldn't care less as I am heading to the futsal pitch. Adios! Well... I'm not really a fan of Darren. I really really need to be convinced of his ability to fit in the LFC squad. At 18 or 20 million pounds, surely LFC could get other established international striker. Surely! I hope the story is not true. But if it's so, SO BE IT. And as a loyal fan, you and I who were sceptical of Bent's arrival, must give him a chance to prove himself, in the absence of Luis Suarez and the reality on the serious lack of goals for the team.

I'm off now. Bye!


tokeysiber said...

no official yet.. but i hope hes better than Andy

utusanlfc (Johardy Ibrahim) said...

SAY IT AIN'T SO.... hehehe



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