12 January 2012

LFC beat Manchester City. But don't get carried away, dude.

No way Aguero! You won't beat Pepe Reina. The defining moment when Martin Kelly 's silly back past almost cost LFC a hefty fine. Thanks to Reina to cancel Aguero's attempt. (Photo AFP)

There were two tactics employed by Kenny Dalglish in the match against Manchester City last night. In the first half, it was attack, attack with conviction and neat passing. It was a good momentum til the whistle was blown for the break, as we have the goal in the net as early as the 13th minute. 

Then the second half. The joke was all around that we saw Pepe Reina was defended by six Red shirts. It was surely a nerve cracking situation when the tactic saw as an opportunity for the Citizen to assault LFC with one after another bombardment. It was almost 5.30am and that situation jolted me from my semi-slumber, turning me into a lone cardiac patient... 

Apparently, the players led by Steven Gerrard were ordered to defend ONLY. The hope to have the counter-attack were diminished as the part-time defenders seems to be a bit slow to muster any real threat towards the Man City penalty box.

As I have mentioned in my tweet, the second half tactic of `staying put in front of the goal post' reminds me of Gerard Houllier's time in charge. I remember vividly how was it so for Houllier to do such a crazy tactic, while we already have a quite commendable personnel. We had Emile Heskey, Michael Owen at the front. In the middle, there were Didi Hamman, the young Gerrard then, and at the back, Samy Hyppia. In the match against the mighty Barcelona, Heskey was the shock defender. It was a dirty tactic but effective! They didn't let the Barca to play and managed to pass through the away goal system by not converting any goals. hahaha....

I hope Dalglish won't use that system too often. It is a crazy system, purely to frustrate the opponents. Samir Nasri vent his anger toward Jamie Carragher. That fool. Little did he know what Carra could do onto him. Stupid boy! Go ask Nani.

It has been quite sometime that a Carling Cup game could be this interesting. Some might have forgotten that it was only a Carling Cup, even! The duel was good. The loser would attribute their lost to the absence of their star players namely, Vincent Kompany, the Toure's brothers and one David Silva. Again, we will reply that without them, the Manchester City's squad are full with talents and costing the same amount of Swansea, Oldham Athletic, Fulham and Queen's Park Rangers combined. LOL

However, all of LFC fans are fully aware that this match is only part one and would be completed in Anfield at the end of the month. The momentum is good because Steven Gerrard has shown he has not lost any vigour even though he didn't play for more than eight months. The fact that he got himself involved with the tunnel argument with the Man City's Italian manager, was a show of him, making a full return to the fore. We know the Scouse were never a pussycat. They fight for their rights. For this, Gerrard was awesome!

But don't get carried away as yet. We can celebrate our win today (we should!) and hope the momentum would be carry forward in the match against Stoke City this weekend. YNWA!


Anonymous said...

Hahaha! I like the stupid boy part! =)
Tactic-wise, frustrating at times, but it's the end result that matters especially with an away goal. However, we should've attacked more in the second half to at least get a 2-goal cushion.
Hope in the return leg, we'll blast them early on like in the memorable CL win over Real Madrid at Anfield. Then, we were also leading with an away goal.

~Enonimes Red~

utusanlfc (Johardy Ibrahim) said...

Enonimes Red,

It's a pleasure to have you. Can you contact me thru my e-mail : official.liverpool@gmail.com (yeah it sounds corny with the 'official' thingy, supposed to imply I am officially Liverpool fan) HAHAHAHA



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