31 December 2008


REMEMBER my posting on the James Bond's lousy movie last month? Well, our hosts prepared quite a party for the premier at the Mid-Valley. Aside than the usual beverage-on-the-house, there were also a special booth for this special photo ops. Me and my motoring buddies had a good time kidding around.

I know I should have posted this photo then but it was buried in my folder and only recently that I rediscover it! hahaha...

Anyway, again... HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU! - I guess this is a good time to reveal a bit more of myself. hahaha... But you have to find yourself which is which.



For the last couple of days, surely it has been a puzzling and an anxious moments for all the Liverpool fans all around the world pertaining to Steven Gerrard's predicament. Wow the UK media plus the foreign wire (which was picked-up by our local media) really had a field day creating a story as if Gerrard had murdered the DJ.

A few newspapers got some statement from the people who witnessed the incidents, though the true picture might only came out when it is brought out in the court in February 2009. It became a good reading when all of us are trying hard to understand how did these silly incidents could have happened in the first place? And worst, it happened to our dear captain?

Well... I for one, would not be that worried because knowing Gerrard, he'll come back to the pitch with professionalism in him attached like a concrete on a wall. The brawl is a silly incident. Silly as it involved a particular DJ who might have pissed off Gerrard and Co. The DJ shouldn't have been performing that night or perhaps, Gerrard shouldn't have touch him. What ever!

I'm sure this little incident is just something that will make everyone of us remember and remind ourselves about the danger of being a famous person. There are people who loves you and of course, there are those who loathed you.

So in my case, I told myself to be grateful of what I have today and shall live my life to the fullest in a modest way, subtle, quiet and anonymous. There's no need for fame or glamour. Those two are the early virus for trouble in our life's, especially when we are ill-equipped to manage the massive consequences.





29 December 2008

Newcastle 1 - LFC 5 (we're the champion of 2008... hihihi...)

It took the sixth shots before LFC can get passed Shay Given. I was impressed with his agility and quick-reaction prior to Gerrard's goal.

Hyppia was manhandled but still managed to connect to the ball. Amazing!

Could be the funniest goal of all. First it was pin-balled and stuck on the defenders leg before Babel used his left foot to convert the 3rd goal.

Oh My God! This is not a typical midfielder game. Yo Keane, learn from our Captain Gerradnimo!

No offence to Alonso... it could have been a hat trick for Gerrard if he's still on.

Carra is a known good buddy to Owen. But on the pitch, you're my opponent... Luckily Carra didn't break Owen's leg...

Are we missing Keane? Not so sure. Or should I put the question the other way around. Why was Keane kept on the bench?
hmmm... with this kind of winning we really don't care who is playing and who is not. Aren't we?

I had enough time on me this morning to study the league positions. With 3 games in hand, Man.U can be considered a real threat now if they managed to win all the 3 games. They'll make them 44 points - on second place.

Thank Goodness that Chelsea inherited our `draw syndrome' and now we can move on and stay a distance from them. The next game is Preston North End. FA Cup affair. Let it be. Talk about it later.

The Premier League next encounter is with Stoke City. This team managed to steal a point when they forced us to a draw. I hope by now, Rafa and Sammy Lee knows how to deal with the Stoke City bus/ train or oil tanker in front of their goal post.

Hopefully, we won't have to endure anymore silly draws with those teams that we're supposed to win comfortably. And guys, mark your calender for the 20th Jan game - LFC vs Everton. They'll be many many fouls, yellow cards or even red awaits. It should be a blast, just like always! Trust me.

27 December 2008


I like to show my stomach. I think that makes me look sexy, and dumb!

The right finger if its goes down any more, the whole caricature would be deemed as X-Rated

ooohhhh... my next photo shoot will be with the PLAYBOY MAGAZINE!

When the Western ladies wore this kind of dress, it looks good because they don't have that BCG mark on their right arm!

I am very proud to show-off my navel to the WORLD... oooppsss to Asia! The poor Asian...

Watching the tasteless outfit makes me PUKE !

BY the time I switch on my tv, the game is already in its 85th minutes. I didn't really worried because Liverpool were 3-0 by then and surely after the game, all the scores will be shown. And since I didn't really watch it in full, I refrain myself from commenting on it.

But I have a different topic that I want you guys to discuss together with me, in your blog and your respective friends blogs. It's not really a big deal but rather a pain in the ass or a dust in my eyes... Let's get started.

Some said watching your team play and win the game could be on the same par of having sex. So they said. I don't agree. For me, sex can wait. C'mon. What's the point in doing so if your mind is somewhere else? hahaha...

Sex and football has been a popular pair, in particular when people write about George Best and David Beckham. Still I frowned on that notion. To me, talking football in the same breath with sex is just like a deviation, something awkward, one you find a bit daft just like mixing tea and coffee in a cup - what? double caffeine plus stomach ache? Go figure.

On this same formula, I believed ESPN STAR SPORT Channel is trying their best not only to offend us - the pure football nutty - with an adolescences semi-sex appeal in terms of one Miss Jamie Yeo.

I didn't really care at first. Well I am referring to her tacky, tasteless outfit. Miss Jamie Yeo is trying hard to wear as skimpy as she could. On Boxing Day, she wore a decent blouse but matching with a really short pants! Yes, I got the message. Jamie Yeo wants to show off her long legs. ohhh what a turn on for the bandidos...?

On a separate program... I can't recall the exact title but something like UK Soccer Cities... Jamie Yeo went around the nice stadium - in her short t-shirt showing her navel...? That was a bit funny when the people around the stadium were wearing their winter clothes and some Chinks from the Far East is wearing as skimpy as she could. aiyaaa... this is where the tasteless, less-brainier approach has reached a level of obnoxious on her part and the tv producers.

Hey... I'm not preaching in terms of religion here. But my question is this : why must ESPN STAR SPORTS go for this kind of approach? The content itself is already powerful enough to attract us the viewers. The football crazy program - yes I agree the content is funny and crazy. My mind recalls the odd goal celebration of a guy who pretended to knock every one of his teammates. That was hilarious! And the UK Soccer Cities... what an eye opener. Showing the inner sanctum of a football club, i.e the shower room was amazing! Arsenal has the state-of-the-art shower room and yet, they still can't produce a win, even when they were leading by 2 goals...(hahaha...ooooppsss..).

But much to my regret, Miss Jamie Yeo was more like a host for a MTV channel or an erotic version of soccer.... rather than a genuine football presenter. May be I'm wrong here. May be she deliberately chose not to be one?

My point is this : I have nothing personal against Miss Jamie Yeo. No doubt she is pretty. Which doesn't interest me a bit when watching football. I want to see real man play their guts out and score some magnificent goal. I like to see yellow, red card been brandished. I like to see hard tackles by determined defenders. And all the football program's content is good.

But must you spoil it with the tastelessly-dress of Miss Jamie Yeo. I'm not asking her to wear purdah or veil like the Taliban woman. But be sensible a bit lah. Showing navel? Isn't that fashion is only wore by the hollywood sluts - those who was more popular because of their scandals rather than their talents? Paris Hilton may be?

Perhaps, if Miss Jamie Yeo doesn't show too much flesh in 2009, it would be the wisest thing to do to regain viewers confidence that she is a genuine article, not a brainless/ dumb/ sexy-for-nothing woman after all.


25 December 2008


Well... after much tinkering and thinking (like Rafa...), I decided to announce something here.

Yesterday, at about 10.33am, my wife has safely gave birth to a baby boy - our third child, two of whom were girls. I have been accompanying my wife for the last 2 nights at the hospital and mind you, it does get to your nerve... To smoke, I have to get down from Level 3, walk about 200 meters out of the hospital perimeter. And to have a meal, add another 100 meters (I can't stand the hospital's cafeteria food... and I'm sure none of you would also). I didn't have proper sleep because every 4 hours the nurse would come to check upon my wife etc etc. They got satellite TV but the screen is just 14 inch... not only it's hard to see but hear too. That's why a brief run to home is something I must do today, thus posting on this blog!

Fortunately, the services from the doctors, nurses up til the security guards and the parking attendants is first class, so I think everything is fine. After all it was my wife who gave birth, not me. I'm just a poor husband who had to bear all the premium costs for those services.

I must say that it has been my wishes to have a boy, since I have a couple girls already. Thank God, Alhamdulillah... God granted my wishes. I wanted to name him Steven Gerrard but my wife opposed it, as she preferred to name him after her grandfather.

And for a while, my mind wasn't entrenched unto Liverpool. If not for today's paper, I wouldn't remember that there will be a game tomorrow night - against Bolton Wanderers. I doubt I'll be watching because it's my futsal night. I think I can watch the repeat on Saturday.

This week has been nothing but a blasts, full of blesses, greats and miracles... and futsal night is where I can blow some steam... hopefully it won't be that competitive. I even announced to all my mates that I will bear tomorrow's pitch charges of RM60. Unless if it's raining... I'll be watching at home.

So guys, I will go for a quick nap before I return to the hospital for my night-shift. Thank you for all the best wishes send direct to my phone... and Yes Manaf, we shall have the montecristo soon!

aaa... he could have been named Steven Gerrard... hehehe...

p/s Merry Christmas to all of you!

23 December 2008

THANK YOU EVERTON!!! For stopping the mighty-rich Chelsea from overtaking us your nemesis

This is JCW (John Cooper Works). A fully-charged version of MINI that roars 210 hp and priced nearly RM280k. I tested it for 4 days... and wow... I overtook people like nobody business! And on 1st gear, the speedometer reached 100km/h within a few seconds. Nuts!

Ohhhh... MY GOD!

Again Chelsea failed to capitalise on the Liverpool lousy draw result by doing precisely what most of us have thought for quite a while... these TOP FOUR now seems to lost their way to win a game!!!! Usually there will be one or two top team who will face a bad patch in a season but ALL FOUR OF THEM? This is historic feat ! Some people credited the whole event with the advanced of the lesser team - who seems to know how to win i.e Aston Villa, Hull City... May be it's true after all. Liverpool next game is against Bolton. I think this will be a good time for Liverpool to eventually register the much-awaited win.

utusanLFC :
I might not be online til Friday. Someone's new is coming over and I have to entertain him for the next few days. Do you guys know where is JPN's office in Shah Alam?

22 December 2008

Arse-nil 1 - Liverpool 1 (tense, bloodied but someone should have won the game laaa...)

For a quick doze (my first time posting instantly after the game... usually I went to sleep... hey its 2am laaa)

1. Who actually lost its tempo when Adebayor red-carded? Isn't it supposed to be Arsenal?
2. LFC simply disintegrated after that.
3. Keane might regained fans believe and confidence of his prowess, though the one who equalised in that game could have been more a Tottenham striker, rather than an LFC. hahaha
4. Playing at Emirates, coming home with a point - it's okay.
5. No it's not okay. We could have won it. We were better. Obviously, we missed Torres.
6. Now it's straight 4 draw. This has got to be stopped.
7. Adebayor got red card. Fabregas was crocked. That's good!
8. I hate the jersey mix. What's with the grey shirt and red shorts? U G L Y
9. hello Arse-ne... you talk big, still cannot eat us.... wa wa waaa...
10. Adebayor's red is a bit harsh? Its the name of the game. You fool.

p/s wei Bob, you must be watching the game with your laptop by your side. You posted at 1.56am. I was just contemplating either to smoke or to switch on the pc.

21 December 2008

ARSENAL ON SONG TONIGHT? Liverpool is having a laugh... hahaha


* The stupid photo of a stupid man is taken without regards or care from The Guardian UK.

Wenger still feels cheated by European exit at hands of Liverpool

According to a news report by THE GUARDIAN UK,
Arsène Wenger suggested yesterday that Liverpool had cheated their way to victory over his Arsenal team in last season's Champions League quarter-final.

The Frenchman is preparing for the Premier League showdown against Liverpool at Emirates Stadium tomorrow, but the draw for the Champions League last 16, which paired Arsenal with the Italian club Roma, prompted a wistful look back.

Arsenal had been set fair for progress into the semi-finals on away goals last April, when Emmanuel Adebayor scored in the 84th minute at Anfield to make the scoreline 2-2 on the night and 3-3 on aggregate. Yet the dream was shattered two minutes later, when the Liverpool substitute Ryan Babel went down after a tackle from Kolo Touré to win a contentious penalty. Steven Gerrard scored and Babel made the game safe with Liverpool's fourth goal in injury time.

"It was a dive, you can say that, because Kolo didn't touch him but he [Babel] did it well," said Wenger, who also claimed his team ought to have had a penalty in the first leg when Dirk Kuyt challenged Alexander Hleb. "We had the penalty that was not given and the one over there [at Anfield].
Arse-ne claimed Toure didn't touch Babel, may be he saw Babel was running solo and Toure was like 5 feet away. But tell me what do you see from this photo? Arse-ne... stop denying. And accept your losses gracefully. Liverpool did you 3 times last season.

hahaha... now Arse-ne is becoming more and more like Jose Morinho. The Special One can never ceased his fascination towards Luis Garcia's `Ghost Goal'. Now Arse-ne is claiming that Liverpool cheated when they were beaten soundly in the 3 consecutive straight games. They couldn't register a win at the 1st leg in Anfield, managed only to draw from Peter Crouch's surprised shot some 50 yards away at Emirates and again, lost 4-2 also at Emirates.

The sorry state of Arsenal who were evidently out-maneuvered by a more matured play by grown-up man of Liverpool seems made no sense at all to Arse-ne. He failed to recognise that his team is nothing but a school boy team. They can be easily thrown away by a more muscular opponent.

Yes Arse-ne keep on telling us how his team is playing a beautiful game with that fluid passing and neat crossing... but hello... all the other teams now know how to stop that from happening. Just ask Hull City. And one might suspect that is exactly what Liverpool might do tonight.

The live telecast starts at 11.55pm tonight. DON'T MISS IT.

19 December 2008


Usually prior to the weekend matches, someone will be chosen to talk on behalf of the team. Usually it would be the captain. Or the most popular player or the one who can speak fluent English. So among the chosen few, Arsenal pick one former flop of Man.U : Silvestre. He thinks he knows how to beat LFC, because he did that twice. I admit. He did score. How? Because there was a neat cross from his former teammates. But with Arsenal? I don't think he'll get that kind of service. When that Theo Walcott play, albeit as a winger - he has not known to be someone like Beckham who will cross beautifully to the centre forwards. Walcott usually will run and run and run til someone trips him. Opportunist.

My other question is will Arse-ne Wenger play Silvestre at all? There is a strong possibility that he will. This is simply because his boyish team cannot and will not sustain the onslaught by the more matured, physical and professional players of LFC. We don't care how neat they could be in passing the ball around or beautiful it may seems. Because at the end of the game, what matters most is who gets the vital 3 points. English football is no place for showboating. You want to show your supposedly-entertaining football, you should do it elsewhere. May be La Liga or Serie A. Or better the Swedish league or MSL. English has always been the blood, the courage, the passion and the banter. Speed and brutality are the main ingredients. Speed and beauty are meant for Miss World Beauty Pageant. May be that's where Arse-ne Wenger should bring his boyish team. Gallas can be set up as the representative from THE LAND OF SULKS, Silvestre from Manchester Prison and Fabregas... a bitch from the land of Jupiter.

Arsenal is definitely one of the interesting match that all of us anticipated in every season. Though the degree of enthusiasm is not as high as when Liverpool vs Man.U. We never consider Arsenal as our mortal opponent, thus win or lose doesn't bring much impact - aside than the normal 3 pointers on the chart. But if we lose to Man.U.... it would be like a hurricane passing through the city! The same could be said about Everton (though the animosity couldn't be felt by the rest of the fans outside Merseyside).

Unfortunately, not many in the office dare to take up my challenge. I only got a RM100 bet. To me this is very small amount. It reflects the distrust among the Arsenal fans alike of their own team's ability. Which is true. hahaha

18 December 2008

Liverpool best supported team in Premier League

Liverpool are the best supported football team in the Premier League, as more than a third of football fans claim to support their team based on "past successes".

By Chris Irvine

A countrywide survey of 2,708 football fans found that the Merseyside club, currently the league leaders, are also the best watched team on TV.
Research by sports website
www.wheresthematch.com found that success has a direct correlation to support bases, with 14.3 per cent of fans pledging their allegiance to 18 times title winners Liverpool.
Manchester United, who have won 10 Premier League titles since the league's inception in 1992, came second in the poll, with 11.8 per cent.
The research also found that while more than one third said they support their team chosen based on past success, more than one fifth supported their team because "they are the most local Premiership team to me".
Nineteen per cent said they were introduced to them at a young age, one in ten said "all my friends support them" and six per cent admitted to being attracted to one or more of the players.
Despite Chelsea's recent domestic success, which has seen them win two Premier League trophies in the last five years, their fan base remains comparatively small, as they came only ninth in the list of best supported clubs.
But more than one third of football fans said 'Chelsea', when asked "Which team do you most dislike in the Barclays Premiership?"
European Cup holders Manchester United came second, with 29 per cent.

Here is the top 10 most supported clubs (in percentage)
1. Liverpool – 14.3
2. Manchester United – 11.8
3. Tottenham Hotspur – 9.7
4. Arsenal – 9.6
5. Newcastle United – 5.8
6. Manchester City – 5.3
7. West Ham United – 4.9
8. Aston Villa – 4.4
9. Chelsea FC – 3.6
10. Everton FC – 3.1

News excerpt : http://www.telegraph.co.uk
Photo : Taken independently from The Guardian UK

utusanlfc :
Now... where do I belong la...?
In the 80's I was much awed by the cosmopolitan of Hotspurs (Ossie Ardilles, Steve Archiball etc etc), though I was quite aware of Liverpool as the serial champion. Then the emergence of Michael Owen and Robbie Fowler in the late 1990s sealed my fate, in conjunction with the advance in our satellite tv technology. With more live telecast acquired by Malaysian then, the more we fell in love with English Premier League in general, and Liverpool specifically. hmm... now I have a blog to express my connection to the club. hmmm....


There is a scandalous news for the last couple of days that Gerrard was supposedly gave a hint to a bigmouth friend who then whisper it loudly to a pal from a newspaper... that Liverpool is planning to dump Keane, come January.

Not that the story has bear any type of rude shock to us. By not playing him in 3 consecutive games, people might wonder. Was it Rafa deemed him so bad that he refused to play him and instead chose those lesser-name players i.e Ngog, Al-Zhar? Was it because Keane is protected so that he won't get injured, thus ensuring his price-tag remain high when come the times to put him up on the market?

Today, LFC has denied the story. What do we care? It's not like we're gonna lose Torres. Keane is a player who only managed to score 4 goals up to now. And who bothers about how many time he assisted. A striker's main job is to convert the goal. `Assisting' is a job for midfielders. Period! We have been a loyal fan and stuck behind him all the way. Even up to now while I'm posting this piece of thoughts! So I ask you, would it be any different if Keane stays or dumped?

My argument is that : since now we have a really good chance to go all the way to the summit, we can't be a charity club or non-governmental type organisation. We have to be a bit ruthless and determined. If we have to find a suitable striker, so we should do it. And in order to do so, we have to get rid of the existing non-performing player, so we should just do it. No need for sympathy or patience. Those are the good values implemented best when you're administrating an hospital or a nursery for old folks. But not a football club when so many things are at stake.

My opinion is 50/50 on Keane's position. He can stay well after January and I hope he'll get those long-lost golden touch of his. Perhaps all the doubts about his ability to play in a Liverpool shirt would be ceased then.

And he even can go elsewhere and we should get a better replacement... someone like Michael Owen.


17 December 2008

ARSENAL : without guns & ammo but still TALK BIG. Typical of a lousy team...

The funny sitting position of the Frenchy epitomised the lackluster performances of Arsenal boys club.

So our big game against the small kids of Arsenal this Sunday will not be lead by Rafa. We hope he get well soon. Kidney stone. Hmmm… People who work under extreme stress, tend to get those types of health issue.

And while Rafa is recuperating at home, we the fans must be feeling the stress a bit to kick Arsenal’s arse. And the team would be handle by Sammy Lee. Someone I really trust that can do a lot of damage to Arse-ne Wenger’s tactic at the Emirates.

WATCH LIVE TELECAST ON MALAYSIAN SATELLITE TV SUNDAY MIDNIGHT 11.59pm (actually the game starts at 12am Monday but it gonna confuse people laaa)

16 December 2008

Viera urged Arsenal to beat Liverpool to stay in the contention.... YEAAA RIGHT?

Masherano easily out-manoeuvred Veira in last season's Champions League game. Inter Milan was soundly defeated by The Reds of Anfield.

This is a funny news report, quoting one former player of Arsenal who now resides in AC Milan:

PATRICK VIEIRA insists Arsenal can kiss goodbye to their title hopes for another year if they lose to Liverpool on Sunday.
  • Excuse me, why is this a news story?
  • Isn't Arsenal already out of the equation?
    Aren't that boyish team is fighting for No.4 between Aston Villa and Hull City?
  • Can't they accept the fact, the reality?
  • Why is that so difficult for them to accept the truth that the title will be fought by Liverpool, Chelsea and Man. U only?

oohh ya...because the frantic bias of London-based sport reporters.

15 December 2008


This can be considered as the 2nd time in EPL history when all the BIG 4 team failed to win. The much-awaited result of Chelsea-West Ham made me smile for 3 seconds and cursed all the luck we had for 30 mins... We could have been leading the pack 12 points out if we finished off the three teams that we got stuck with. aaarrrggghhhh.... sickening thoughts.

14 December 2008

LFC 2 - HULL 2


I am so tired and fed-up already to write about us getting a DRAW. So be it. We controlled 67 per cent of the games. 27 shots to the goal. I am tired. Though my own analysis on Hull City is nonetheless true in essence. This small club is a real threat.

That's it. I am fed-up. Imagine next week if the performance is still the same, we gonna be in deep trouble to get over Arsenal. hmmm....

p/s About the photo - I'm not turning this web site from a football-focus into a porno. but it is so hilarious... (Picture was taken freely from The Guardian UK)

13 December 2008


The Malaysian jerseys are almost similar to the Hull City. But the standard is like the moon and the earth. We can't even beat Vietnam who doesn't have sophisticated sports facilities like ours.

WHILE enjoying my dinner just now (and waiting anxiously for the 11pm game LFC vs Hull), my attention was caught by the TV3 interview with our Sports Minister who commented that the government would try to remedy the national football team's morale and most importantly, their performances on the international level.

My question is : what else the government want to do next? If I'm not mistaken, FAM held a seminar or something recently focusing on the national squad. It seems the old record is being played again and again and again... So what do you and me should do? Myself in particular, admitted that I watch all the three games (though not as attentively as watching LFC game) and was so pissed-off with the calamity of the goalie in the Vietnam game and how vast was the standard between us and the Thais who passed the ball so beautifully ala English league team.

The Malaysian team seems to have 2 parts. While the forwards can be categorised as OKAY, the midfielders down to the fullbacks and the pathetic goalie were total KAPUT. Never before has the national team performed so dismally, even though Malaysian could still remember how miserable they were while playing at Bukit Jalil in the Asian Cup 2007.

I am no expert in Malaysian soccer. I discard all my connection to Malaysian football when all hell broke lose with the match-fixing scandals in the 1990's. Mind you, I was a staunch supporter of my state team, Sarawak under the banner of NGAP SAYOT and later, BUJANG SENANG. When one or two of the state players got called by the national team, you get this some kind of a satisfying, proud and a strong sense of belonging then.

Even when I migrated fully to KL in 1993, I still follow the state team and made a tedious arrangement to travel to away games as far as Johor Baharu. I follow the team to Seremban, Melaka and of course, Stadium Merdeka and Stadium Shah Alam. The highlight of it all was when Sarawak made it to the final of Piala Malaysia but against Brunei we lost 2-1. Can't remember the year (when you lost the game, you tend to acquire the amnesia syndrome) but I brought my fiancee then (now of course my wife - as an orientation to be part of a Sarawakian family... hihihi) and I met many many long lost friends at Stadium Merdeka that faithful night.

In fact, I can freely admitted that one of the strikers is a dear friend of mine - Ramos Sari. Recent development involving him is something of a total surprise and sympathy. I didn't have the opportunity yet to speak to Ramos. In fact, it has been quite sometime we didn't met. Because he was already retire for a few years before he was recalled to boost the state squad.

If the accusation is true, I blame it to the dark era of Sarawakian football management. The state FA was in the state of collapse. They were broke. They missed the game because they cannot afford to pay the air ticket. The players were not paid for at least 5 months. Even a local businessman fork out his own million to ensure the players got some to pay their bills.

In this kind of situation - I ask you, in your most sincere way - could anyone decline the devil's temptation. No money for months. No one cares. But yet football is your livelihood. My personal view is that if my friend is ever prosecuted and became the fall-guy in this issue, I suggest the authority to investigate also the Sarawak football management. I'm not accusing them of any wrong doings but for heaven sakes, the footballers won't have to resort to the devils if they are properly taken care of.

Again, I am not an expert of Malaysian football. Never ever. Unlike our own professional sport writer (at least he still blogs about sports) Mr Rizal Hashim - he might have something new to say about the whole apocalypse of Malaysian football team.

My point of telling you guys of my once-upon-a-time affiliation with the Sarawakian team (a staunch fan, armed with 2 packs of DJARUM and RM10 to cover 1 burger and 1 coke during the game), I am blaming the football administration there.

In regards of the national team, we could and we actually have blamed FAM. It is amusing to see many people really go for broke every time there is a general meeting election. The contest was fierce ala the real political election. I wonder what is it actually prompted those people to wanting the posts? Is it because of the monetary gain? Is it because having a post in FAM can be a major stepping stone for them to another field of play? Or is it because they simply have nothing else to do in their life than to take up the position?

I won't be asking the silly questions if by having all the supposedly-right people in FAM is mirrored with the supposedly-right performances by the national squad. Which is none.

Correct me, if I'm wrong.

(11pm cannot come any more faster...)

12 December 2008

What the Hull gonna happened to LFC tomorrow? LFC 3-Hull 0


ASIDE then the usual MATCH OF THE WEEK among the Big Four, I must say - this season and up to now, I have some sort of a special boost to look forward for tomorrow’s game : LFC against Hull City. The excitement could be the same when LFC met Wigan on their first ever season in the Premier League and which Crouch scored 2 goals after 18 times failing to do so. Is Robbie Keane gonna be lucky also?

The reason is simple. The way this small club managed to sustain its position among the top 6 of the Premier League up to the 16th game is a remarkable story. At one time they were up there on top 3. Of course as time passed, many people expect them to be where they should be… between 10th spot to relegation level. However, at the current standing… I doubt if Hull would fine themselves in a desperate situation in May. It’s pretty impressive for a small club whose only star is a reject from Man.City ; Giovanni.

The statistic of Hull City is a revelation.
1. The Tigers have avoided defeat in 75% of their Premier League games under Phil Brown (12 of 16), and are hoping to gain their second away win over a 'Big Four' club, having already beaten Arsenal 1-2 at the Emirates on 27 September.
2. Unbeaten in four Premier League matches; drawn three and won one since suffering three successive defeats.
3. Completed 44 Championship and Premier League games without a goalless draw; the home clash with Bristol City on 27 December 2007 being the most recent.
4. In danger of tumbling to a third successive defeat to a 'Big Four' club, having lost 0-3, home to Chelsea on 29 October, and 4-3, away to Manchester United on 1 November.
5. Scored 15 away goals in the Premier League; only Chelsea can beat that with 21.
6. Netted in every one of their away games at this level; only Chelsea equal that this season.

p/s Noticed Hull City's logo is similar to ... errr... Malaysian logo. Even the jersey's of Hull is yellow with black stripes. But given the lousy performance of the Malaysian team recently in Phuket... aaahhh just forgetaboutit....

11 December 2008



As most of you know, Ian Rush came over to KL quite frequent, either as a EPSN pundits or playing in an exhibition games or holding a couple of days football clinic to the pathetic Malaysian football team. (I watch with dismay all the three games... against Laos - no one should shout as if we've won the cup, against Vietnam - the goalkeeper will be remembered most as silly as Robinson and against Thai... wow that team seems to be on another level altogether...).
Anyway, I found Ian Rush's article about his recent visit to Malaysia. Some nice words.

p/s look at the photo and tell me what do you think of the photographer's name...

Goal that helped sink United

I’ve just returned home from four enjoyable days in Malaysia.
I was part of the Liverpool Legends team who triumphed in the first ever Asian Masters.
It was a five-a-side round robin tournament between us, Manchester United, Arsenal and a Premier League All-Stars team.
We won all our games to get through to the final and then beat United 5-3.
I managed to get on the scoresheet in the final, but the main men were John Durnin and Mike Marsh, who played well.
Michael Thomas, Paul Walsh, Phil Babb and goalkeeper Paul Jones were also in the squad and we were playing in front of an enthusiastic crowd of 5,000.
While I was in Kuala Lumpur I had the time to visit the Liverpool supporters club to watch the Blackburn game.
They are mad about their football over there and there must have been 500 people in this place cheering on the Reds.
It was just great to see their fanaticism.

10 December 2008

Is Keane the right man in the wrong team? — Robbie Keane could be remembered as the new Crouch rather than the new Daglish

LFC bought Keane because of the silverware he won with Spurs...

Surely, we didn't expect among his contribution is to block our own strike to the goal... hahaha

This is an article I found in The Guardian UK. It was written by Paul Doyle. Good reading. Very analytical towards Keane. I repeat ANALYTICAL and not CRITICAL - you hear kajang-today? :

If it takes a big man to admit he's made a mistake, it takes a true colossus to fess up to a £20m blunder. So all hail Rafael Benítez, whose recent demotion of Robbie Keane to somewhere below David Ngog and Nabil El Zahr in the Anfield pecking order suggests the Spaniard goofed with his major summer signing.
But if Benítez has committed an error, what precisely is it? Buying a bad player? Hardly. The Irishman has certainly been sloppy in front of goal since arriving at
Liverpool, so much so that you could probably compile a comedy Christmas DVD of his air-swipes (careful how you say that) and shanks. But it does not make sense to claim Keane is out of his depth; he did not step up from an inferior league — the teams against whom he is failing to score now are the very ones he regularly tormented before arriving at Anfield. To an extent, Keane did not need to raise his game after joining Liverpool so much as continue doing what he has always done.
So far he has only perpetuated the negative side of his game. Fluffing chances is nothing new for Keane. He has never been especially clinical, and frequently been a frustrating finisher. Yet his goal tallies have always been good because he usually compensated for elementary errors with flashes of ingenuity. It is this part of the equation that has been mostly missing at Liverpool. The question is why?
Some, ignoring the fact that Keane has exuded energy and enthusiasm even during his most inept displays this season (to the point, indeed, of at times appearing altogether too frantic in his eagerness to succeed), claim the striker has become complacent since achieving his dream move. His extravagant miss at Atlético Madrid is often cited as proof. But Keane has always been prone to over-elaboration, not because he is arrogant but because he has a deeply ingrained and often admirable tendency to shun simplicity. Only in that sense is it fair to suggest Keane can be indisciplined — as an instinctive, even giddy performer, he defies rigidity. Previously this could be a strength: at Tottenham Dimitar Berbatov, though also an impromptu inventor, provided a sort of structure, while Keane flitted freely around him. Similarly, for the Republic of Ireland, for whom he is the highest scorer of all time, Keane has usually wandered in another's orbit, first that of Niall Quinn or Tony Cascarino, more recently that of Kevin Doyle. At Liverpool, however, Keane has not been used in this way.
This is not necessarily Benítez's fault. He originally planned to partner Keane with Fernando Torres, assigning the Irishman the No7 jersey before prophesising that the pair would emulate the heroics of Kenny Dalglish and Ian Rush. Alas, Torres's injuries have mostly thwarted this plot and Keane has found himself serving as the tip of a 4-2-3-1. Badly. Exuberant invention is not a key quality in this role — speed and systematic finishing are more important, yet Keane is not, and never has been, endowed with either. Nor, as suggested above, does he have the tactical focus to be a lone fulcrum up front; that, at least, is learnable, though perhaps Keane has not been progressing as rapidly as Benítez would like. If it's true the striker is in the manager's bad books, it's perhaps because of that rather than any crass misbehaviour. In that regard he may be slightly similar to Milan Baros, whose scatterbrainedness exasperated the equally technocratic Gérard Houllier, both at Liverpool and Lyon.
The problem now for Keane is that, originally because of Torres's injury but increasingly, you imagine, because of the shocking good form of Dirk Kuyt, Benítez appears intent on sticking with 4-2-3-1. He said as much after last month's Bolton game, during which Keane was replaced by Torres after 59 minutes. When Torres returns for good, Keane will again be the odd man out.
Benítez may have rubbished reports he's about to cut his (presumably substantial)
losses on Keane in January, but for the foreseeable future it seems that the Irishman's role will be condemned to trying to stake a claim on the infrequent occasions that the manager elects to revert to a 4-4-2. He will have to be truly outstanding to convince Benítez to make that switch permanent. Keane may soon find he is not the new Dalglish, but the new Peter Crouch.

Eindhoven 1 - LFC 3 (oh what a feeling!)

Unfortunately, this is not Keane's goal. It belonged to this person below :

And Reira is raring... he'll be doing this frequent in the future games.

Give Ngog more playing time, he might be a surprise package after all.

Oh my God. When I saw the Net this morning... I know I have missed the game. But I couldn't help it. I had a long day yesterday and when I reach home at 1am last night, my body had reach to the point of total exhaustion. Don't expect me to wake up at 4am. I need a minimum of 6 hours sleep. And I did. So there is no regret of me missing the game. Somehow, no matter how serious you are with the team, no matter how obsessed you are .... your health is the utmost important. I wasn't fit to stay awake another hour last night... so I surrender. Knowing that the next game this Saturday is gonna be one HULL of a game. Don't you agree?

09 December 2008

Eindhoven is no match for the resurgence of Liverpool Might


Philips Sport Vereniging (English: Philips Sports Union), widely known either as PSV or PSV Eindhoven, is a sports club from Eindhoven, Netherlands.

PSV is one of three European Cup winning football clubs in Netherlands, the other two being Ajax and Feyenoord. The club won the European Cup in 1988 (against Benfica) and the UEFA Cup in 1978 (against SC Bastia). They are often nicknamed Boeren (Dutch for farmers) in reference to their original provincial city origins.
The last time met : Eindhoven 1 - LFC 3
The next time meet : Eindhoven 0 - LFC 3
The most feared player (if he doesn't play) : Jan Kromkamp
The most `loved' player by the Kop (to mock at) : Jan Kromkamp
The most recognised player in PSV by LFC Fan all over the world (to laugh aloud at) : Jan Kromkamp

07 December 2008



Apart from Aidilfitri, the festival most grandly celebrated by Muslims the world over is Aidiladha. In Malaysia, it is more commonly known as Hari Raya Korban or Hari Raya Haji and a public holiday is observed.

Celebrated about two months after Aidilfitri, on the 10th day of Zulhijah, the 12th month of the Muslim calendar, it marks the end of the haj pilgrimage period (about two weeks); hence the name Hari Raya Haji (festival of the pilgrimage).

Every year millions of Muslims make the journey to the Holy Land of Mecca in Saudi Arabia to perform the haj, a requirement in Islam as it makes up one of the five tenets of the religion. As long as they have the means to do so, and are able health-wise, Muslims must perform the haj at least once in life. Upon completion of the haj, the men earn the title of "haji" and the women, "hajjah".

Aidiladha also commemorates the sacrifices made by the prophet Abraham (hence the word "korban" which means sacrifice), who demonstrated immense faith when he was put to the test by God. The prophet was commanded to offer his only son Ishmael up for sacrifice, and though it grieved him greatly, he made ready to perform the task. However, as he was about to strike his son, God stopped him and revealed that it was a trial. Ishmael's life was spared, and a ram sacrificed in his place.

As such, during Aidiladha, the sacrifice of animals such as lambs, goats, cows, bulls and camels is performed. The animals are slain in accordance with the proper religious rites; the meat is then distributed.

One third of the meat is given to the individual who willingly supplied the animal, while the rest is given to the poor and deserving friends and relatives. It is to be noted that this is not a compulsory religious duty, but an obligation for those who are able to afford it.

The observance of the korban is carried out after the congregational prayers, held early in the morning of Aidiladha. It is not unusual for the slaying to take place within the mosque compound. The rest of the day is either spent visiting friends and relatives, or entertaining guests at home, as is customary in this multicultural country.

Though in Malaysia the celebration of Aidiladha is relatively solemn compared to Aidilfitri, by no means is it less important, for it is a day when Muslims reaffirm their faith in God, giving thanks for the many blessings that He has bequeathed to them.

p/s utusanLFC will be working after the Sunat Aidiladha prayer tomorrow morning.

Blackburned 1 - LFC 3 (what a relief...)


Some people are just impatience. Kajang-Today text me ``is the game will end draw again?''. May be an honest question. May be just to provoke me. I replied ``got 30 mins more''. Within 3-4mins later, Xabi Alonso broke the stalemate. Than Benayoun did what he was bought for from West Ham : zigzagging from the wide area and shoot... and YEAH. What if Rafa play him more?

The consolidation goal from Santa Cruz shouldn't have happened. The two defenders were caught napping. Yeah ask those two Latino - Masherano and Lucas. The last goal was fun.

But the credit must go to El Zhar. If just he is as fast as Torres, he could have rounded up Robinson and score himself. But never mind, the ball returned to Reira who fling it to Gerrard. I think Reira is exerting his influence more and more into Liverpool fabric and football style. And that is a good news.

An Arsenal fan came to visit us...

I received an invitation from a mutual blogger, known as Grand Canon. After clicking on http://epl-zone.blogspot.com/ , then only I realise that Grand Canon is the mirror of his favourite team - Arsenal (canon?), whom we will beat come Dec. 21 (hahaha... just joking bro!). Actually, his blog is like an all club pages. SEMUA ADA !

I welcome you to my domain. I must commend Grand Canon as he is the first football blogger who use 100% Bahasa Malaysia. I envy you for this. Keep on with the good work.

06 December 2008



8.20pm : Still in the office.

It has been a long day. I have to arrange and manage my staffs movement plus reporting the whole day. At noon, I pass some money to one staff so that she can buy some foods for the team at the site. I remember vividly during the Highland Towers tragedy 15 years ago. I was a rookie then. 11 December 1993. Imagine. It's less than 5 days to make it 15 years anniversary. Now I can take a breath and relax my shoulder a bit. Some how, the memory remains.

I was on the way back from Pantai Bharu that day. There was a crime scene. Three Indonesian bodies were found in the lift-shaft. The great Datuk Zaman Khan was there! And we thought that was the story of the day. After all, murder case that involved 3 persons in a day is not that often occurred.

I was on a bus-mini and just passing through the old Lever Brothers building when my `sophisticated' item : The Pager, rang and a short text read : LAND SLIDE AT HULU KLANG. First time, I ignored. Land slide is not a murder case. The attraction is less. But then, the pager rang again and there was additional note : CALL OFFICE URGENT. Damned! I told myself. The office equipped me with the pager but no hand phone! So what do you do? Go look for the public phone la. But I was on the bus mini. How? I have to get off. Now my 60 cents bus-fare is gone. So I ran to the public phone in front of the Jalan Riong and was questioned by my editor of why I didn't report ASAP to him. Hello bos... I was on a public transport and I don't have a hand phone (In 1993, the phone was as long as your arms, remember?).

It took me another hour before I reached my office at Bernama, Jalan Tun Razak. My colleague already waited anxiously for me with the driver. He asked me to carry the HOTLINE phone. Oh my God! You carry the phone with the battery, man ! And the battery is similar to the car battery. Huge and heavy but very reliable. 24 hours guarantee can use and you can recharge inside the Proton Saga!

As we arrived at the main entrance of the towers, I had a shock of my life and even though I was walking towards the site, I feel like not walking. The amazement and unbelievable feeling and thoughts were speeding like a Porshe in me. I didn't realised that I would be there until the next day! So... today is a reminiscent of what I have experienced some 15 years ago. Covering the towers took more than 7 days. A total of 48 people were killed in the tragedy. I went there a few years ago and the whole place was so grimmed and... freaky.

It is very fortunate that today's incident didn't killed too many victims. Even so, I can feel the agony and the sorrow the families are having now. I was there, albeit 15 years ago. But the scenario is the same. People lost their families. Lost their homes, cars and other precious properties. The reason behind the landslide is something I would not comment. It's up to the authority to deal with. The Highland Towers should have been a good warning and lesson for every one that building houses next to the hill side is a recipe for doom.

People tend to forget fast.

utusanLFC is leaving the office in 10 minutes. SALAM!



Last night was brilliant. The weather was so kind. No rain. No nothing. A perfect scene for a perfect futsal night. And it was! Our court is an open court, thus we rely on the good weather. After missing last week's game, every one of my mates seems to be in a good mood and raring to go. To our delight, there was no other team queuing behind us to play the next round.

So we played and played for an hour and half. We started with 7 aside before reduced to 5 aside, due to shortage of oxygen and too much laughing, and less kicking the ball. I managed to convert 3 out of 18 goals. Most of the time I play in front of the keeper. Playing dummy, to enable my team to shoot straight to the goal post while the keeper busy checking on my running. hahaha it was quite a riot when the keeper was rather went against my foot and my whole body, instead of challenging the ball. The keeper is a good friend of mine. And I was wearing LFC away-jersey No. 8 that spell Gerrard at the back. hahaha

The laugh and the fun we get on the futsal pitch is something all of us are craving for... though the session is only once a week and in our case, once in fortnight (due to rain). Since we played till well after 12.40pm (we started roughly at 11.20pm) and I only managed to sleep at 2am.

This morning I was rudely awaken by a tragic news in Bukit Antarabangsa. The landslide killed 3 persons, injuring 14 and 7 are still missing at the time of my posting. My thoughts and prayer are with the victim families.

05 December 2008

BLACKBURN vs LFC 6 Dec 2008 11pm (can Keane score and returned LFC to a winning ways?)


Two lousy draws. Torres re-injured. Leading the chart with a solitary point, instead of 3 or 6 points and the anxiety among the fans is erupting to a disastrous-frustration level. Read kajang-today posting. He is unbelievably cynical in his writing. I wonder if other fans of opposition club doing the same when their respective teams facing a lousy period in the campaign. I wonder. I don't know. I never browse 'em. But utusanLFC has been honoured by a few of those rival fans when they came to visit and leave some comments on this blog. Some were quite nasty, I must say! hahaha...

Well, I will not lambasted kajang-today for being nasty to his beloved club. It's his way of showing his LOVE. And some did question me if it's a crime for kajang-today to do so. Of course it's not... if you're say so! let him be laaa... (translated in Malay - biaq pi depa ...)

Blackburn is sometime a difficult team to kill. With our own former top striker at the helm, Mr Ince is still well-received by all fans alike. But tomorrow, every one connected to LFC is wishing for the defeat of his team. I hope Robbie Keane will score tomorrow. He have to. He must. Failure to do so, is a mockery of his value. Something that is utterly unacceptable when the need is so urgent now for LFC to find the back of the net, with the apparent enforced-leave for Torres.

Let's pray.

04 December 2008

Much ado with Blackburn Rovers


According to thisislancashire.co.uk :

ROBBIE Fowler’s Blackburn Rovers future is set to be resolved in the next fortnight.
The 33-year-old striker is waiting to see if he will earn a new contract at Ewood Park after his current pay-as-you-play deal expires on December 12.
The former England international has made just five appearances for Rovers since penning the three-month deal, and there is speculation linking him with a player-coaching role at League Two strugglers Grimsby Town.
However, despite those limited appearances, Rovers boss Paul Ince has hinted that Fowler may remain a part of his future plans.


I found this while browsing for some news on this next opposition of ours this Saturday. Funnily I didn't realised the team was involved in the Carling Cup and they were beaten 3-5 by Man.U (wow... to score 3 against the 2nd choice of Man.U starring Tevez is quite a feat...) and I hope come Saturday, Blackburn will be burned out and won't give LFC too much a hassle. Though I'm not sure if Blackburn fielded their 1st eleven last night. hmmm.... But I would love to watch Fowler again, go against his former team-mates.

On another note, apparently there is a huge concerned that Torres won't be playing at all this season. Wow... if it's true, that will be a massive blow for us. We have a few strikers but Keane is still a big disappointment. Ngog has no experience. What about Babel? Rafa is not playing him that much. ohhh... why not let Gerrard play at the front. Lone striker? He can do multiple things for the team. Setting up goals and scoring too. hmmm.... if he is having a good time on that particular day. If not... we'll get a draw.

p/s I must recommend to you guys to listen back to Careless Whisper by WHAM! Listening to that sweet melody while posting here is soooooo melancholic and nostalgic, especially on this cold night (in my case, it's caused by the air-cond in the office!!!!). After that, turned to Casablanca by Birtie Higgins. Then try Back To Life by Soul II Soul. I am so happy I found this mp3 free downloading site! errr... you can find it in the Net. Very easy. Gone were the days when I have to buy the CDs. But for pure heavy metal collection of mine, I have to purchase the latest edition of Metallica. Soon. Very soon!... the one with the coffin on its cover. A few reviews that I read, gave it 5 stars. They said this album returned Metallica to its original core - those Battery days! I guess not many can appreciate fully the melodic tune of Metallica's album after the BLACK ALBUM... hahaha...

03 December 2008

Suddenly don't feel like to read about football at the moment

I told you I hate this yellow jersey...

hmmm... you can say the hurting is quite huge. Such is the standard nowadays that fans can't accept not even a draw by Liverpool Football Team. There was a time when we know the ability of our own team against the other big 3 (i.e Man.U & Arsenal... those Owen's era), so when we drew - the feelings then was a big relieve. But that was ancient time.

Today, with the personnel with have gathered all around the world, in particular from the Iberian peninsular... the expectation is high. We can't accept draw anymore. Not when we control the game for more than 90 % of the time. And not when we had attempts more than 20 shots to the goal but none converted... This is where it really hurt. Still hurt. And pissed-off.

I'm not sure if this morning's news can be considered as some sort of a remedy. Arsenal were beaten by Burnley in the Carling Cup. They said the team was not even the 2nd choice but isn't that was the same team hailed so gloriously fortnight ago when they defeated .... err... I don't remember what team. But my point is that - Arsenal has a strong followers among the London-based sports writers. That's why the story is so small. hahaha...

Imagined if Arsenal won and the glorification would be greater as if they have won the cup, whilst the truth is that they only got passed a Coca-cola Championship outfit of Burnley. Fortunately, it was not to be.

02 December 2008

LSCM hosting Roy Evan : Saturday : Cobra Club PJ


I got a call from Ms Angie of LSCM this afternoon, asking me if I were interested to join a dinner event with Mr Roy Evan as the guest of honour - he is the former LFC manager in the 90's. I have received the invitation a few weeks ago but sadly, I have to turn it down due to working commitment. My job requires me to work even on weekends. What worst is that this coming weekend is Hari Raya Aidiladha eve (Monday 8 Dec), so most of my mates are like crazy baboons booking their holidays... and I might find myself working with a skeleton team from Saturday to Tuesday.

The dinner place at the Cobra Club is quite limited. If I'm not mistaken, the club has prepared only 24 seats. One day I shall join the club's activity. During the game, I preferred to watch it in my own house. I hate it when a person sitting next to me giving a concurrent commentary. Enough that I have to endure the silly punditry by the likes of Serbegeth Singh. That's why I decline many many invitation to go for the club's night out, even though they have lucky draws etc. etc.

The only thing that I really enjoy being a member of LSCM is the ability to purchase the LFC's merchandise a bit cheaper than the open market. As a member, you get to enjoy between 10-15 % discount on the shirts and jerseys. Though you won't get the latest design laaa... that is reserved for the boutiques of adidas and al-ihsan (one of the main supporters of LSCM).

Ms Angie informed me that the club has received a new batch of LFC's jacket. The price is about RM195. That sounds interesting. I still have RM100 (LFC beat Man. U in October) and RM50 (Arsenal beat Chelsea), so I only have to come up with less than RM50 to own the jacket. hihihi....

To know more about the club activity, scroll down to my LINKS below and click on the LSCM icon. It's actually great to be a member of LFC's Malaysian chapter. You get to show off your official card around. And if you like Carlsberg, there will be more fun for you. hahaha... Well, in my case, merchandise is sufficient without the beverage!

LFC 0 - West Ham 0 (feel like not winning...)


In a result-orientation world like the English Premier League, no matter how good or you could have control the game for 90 minutes but if you don't score goals - all of this means nothing. It is the same as wasting our time. Thus the failure of Liverpool to score and to win the game is soooooo disheartening. Instead of 3 points lead, we now leading the chart with only extra 1 points. What a waste.

Should we play the blame game? Was it Keane so horrible a player - we should be demanding Rafa to sale him off next month - and replace him with Heskey! Or was it Gerrard played like a bloody fool the whole time? He was so determined that the fate of the team is in his hands and refuse to pass the ball to others - who were better positioned in the box to score.

On the opposition team's tactic, yes Zola had one thing in his mind. To get a point. How? Defending and trying to go for sucker-punch in the counter-attack with Bellamy as a solo forward. Bellamy had at least 2 chances to surprise its former club.

We have discuss this aspect before. How do you break a team who came over to Anfield with a one purpose only that is to defend? They'll sit tight. They put may be a bus, may be a train in front of its goal post. That's what West Ham did stoutly. Remember Zola is not a stupid Italian. Liverpool seems to be lost in tactician to penetrate this kind of game.

Another blank. Another draw. Results like this really stink. And spoil your day.
I am soooooo............. Pissed-off !!!!!

01 December 2008


I yam ze foolz.... Arsene forgot to lock his door when he left for the Emirates this morning....

1. Help me to understand this : Is Arsenal really a title challenger now... just by beating Chelsea? How?

There is a story in the Soccernet.com today claiming that Arsenal is back on title contention after successfully defeating Chelsea. WHAT? Didn't Arsene Wenger himself said that a serious title challenger can afford only 3 loses the whole seasons. But Arsenal has lost 5 times. How is that make any difference?

The day is still young, with only the 15th game been played up to now. Ok. But as I have written before, Arsenal and its fans (journalists based in London included) were hoping the top spot which is occupied at the moment by Chelsea and Liverpool, will drop points up to 3 games! There is still a chance but rather a remote one. As far as I can read the charts, it is impossible for Arsenal now to consider themselves to be a challenger for the top spot. No way. And go away. Because Arsenal can only get rid of William Gallas in January. There is still 30 days of games in December. Arsenal surely will faltered. Remember, they will meet Liverpool next.

2. I might sound a bit critical about Arsenal above. But I'm talking facts by rebutting the bias articles written by the London-based writers. However, I happily confessed here today that I put my money on Arsenal and I shall be accepting the RM50 bet afterwards. No one could called me a traitor. In fact, it was as patriotic as I can be as a Liverpool fan. By emerging as a winner, Arsenal helped us to stop Chelsea's advancement. So Liverpool have no choice but to beat West Ham tomorrow.

3. I got my prediction correctly on the dot in the Arsenal vs Chelsea game but you can't say the same with the Manchester derby. The propaganda was so huge that the game didn't really up to the expectation. Sorry for Man. City. Aside from Robinho and Ireland, the rest were just not up to the might of Man. United. It was interesting to see Rooney played as a defender in the last 15 minutes and he cleared the ball way..way.. better than Vidic and Ferdinand. When ever he got the ball, the only thing in his mind was to shoot the ball as hard as he could away to the other side. Fortunately, I didn't place any bets in these stupid derby.
Of course, one funny moment when the Man. City goalkeeper had to run all the way back and managed to volley-balled the kick from Rooney just over the goalmouth. I wonder if Alonso would have scored if he be given the same opportunity. But mind you, Alonso has proven it twice.

oh ya... the game LFC vs West Ham is confirmed will be broadcast LIVE on ESPN Channel 812 at 4am tomorrow. I'm taking an off-day tomorrow. I'll be watching us taking the top spot. yea yea yeaaaa...



The GOLDEN Team of Kenny Daglish

The GOLDEN Team of Kenny Daglish
If we have them now, say farewell to Arsenal, Man.U and Chelsea... if...