02 December 2008

LSCM hosting Roy Evan : Saturday : Cobra Club PJ


I got a call from Ms Angie of LSCM this afternoon, asking me if I were interested to join a dinner event with Mr Roy Evan as the guest of honour - he is the former LFC manager in the 90's. I have received the invitation a few weeks ago but sadly, I have to turn it down due to working commitment. My job requires me to work even on weekends. What worst is that this coming weekend is Hari Raya Aidiladha eve (Monday 8 Dec), so most of my mates are like crazy baboons booking their holidays... and I might find myself working with a skeleton team from Saturday to Tuesday.

The dinner place at the Cobra Club is quite limited. If I'm not mistaken, the club has prepared only 24 seats. One day I shall join the club's activity. During the game, I preferred to watch it in my own house. I hate it when a person sitting next to me giving a concurrent commentary. Enough that I have to endure the silly punditry by the likes of Serbegeth Singh. That's why I decline many many invitation to go for the club's night out, even though they have lucky draws etc. etc.

The only thing that I really enjoy being a member of LSCM is the ability to purchase the LFC's merchandise a bit cheaper than the open market. As a member, you get to enjoy between 10-15 % discount on the shirts and jerseys. Though you won't get the latest design laaa... that is reserved for the boutiques of adidas and al-ihsan (one of the main supporters of LSCM).

Ms Angie informed me that the club has received a new batch of LFC's jacket. The price is about RM195. That sounds interesting. I still have RM100 (LFC beat Man. U in October) and RM50 (Arsenal beat Chelsea), so I only have to come up with less than RM50 to own the jacket. hihihi....

To know more about the club activity, scroll down to my LINKS below and click on the LSCM icon. It's actually great to be a member of LFC's Malaysian chapter. You get to show off your official card around. And if you like Carlsberg, there will be more fun for you. hahaha... Well, in my case, merchandise is sufficient without the beverage!

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