01 December 2008


I yam ze foolz.... Arsene forgot to lock his door when he left for the Emirates this morning....

1. Help me to understand this : Is Arsenal really a title challenger now... just by beating Chelsea? How?

There is a story in the Soccernet.com today claiming that Arsenal is back on title contention after successfully defeating Chelsea. WHAT? Didn't Arsene Wenger himself said that a serious title challenger can afford only 3 loses the whole seasons. But Arsenal has lost 5 times. How is that make any difference?

The day is still young, with only the 15th game been played up to now. Ok. But as I have written before, Arsenal and its fans (journalists based in London included) were hoping the top spot which is occupied at the moment by Chelsea and Liverpool, will drop points up to 3 games! There is still a chance but rather a remote one. As far as I can read the charts, it is impossible for Arsenal now to consider themselves to be a challenger for the top spot. No way. And go away. Because Arsenal can only get rid of William Gallas in January. There is still 30 days of games in December. Arsenal surely will faltered. Remember, they will meet Liverpool next.

2. I might sound a bit critical about Arsenal above. But I'm talking facts by rebutting the bias articles written by the London-based writers. However, I happily confessed here today that I put my money on Arsenal and I shall be accepting the RM50 bet afterwards. No one could called me a traitor. In fact, it was as patriotic as I can be as a Liverpool fan. By emerging as a winner, Arsenal helped us to stop Chelsea's advancement. So Liverpool have no choice but to beat West Ham tomorrow.

3. I got my prediction correctly on the dot in the Arsenal vs Chelsea game but you can't say the same with the Manchester derby. The propaganda was so huge that the game didn't really up to the expectation. Sorry for Man. City. Aside from Robinho and Ireland, the rest were just not up to the might of Man. United. It was interesting to see Rooney played as a defender in the last 15 minutes and he cleared the ball way..way.. better than Vidic and Ferdinand. When ever he got the ball, the only thing in his mind was to shoot the ball as hard as he could away to the other side. Fortunately, I didn't place any bets in these stupid derby.
Of course, one funny moment when the Man. City goalkeeper had to run all the way back and managed to volley-balled the kick from Rooney just over the goalmouth. I wonder if Alonso would have scored if he be given the same opportunity. But mind you, Alonso has proven it twice.

oh ya... the game LFC vs West Ham is confirmed will be broadcast LIVE on ESPN Channel 812 at 4am tomorrow. I'm taking an off-day tomorrow. I'll be watching us taking the top spot. yea yea yeaaaa...


Khan said...

Wah! Cuti!! Boleh balas dendam tidur haha..!

kajang-today said...

ye betul suddenly Arsenal is a title contender? lawak giler.
wait for tomorrow's headlines though. it'll be much better u don't to sell the paper to paper lama man.



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