29 December 2008

Newcastle 1 - LFC 5 (we're the champion of 2008... hihihi...)

It took the sixth shots before LFC can get passed Shay Given. I was impressed with his agility and quick-reaction prior to Gerrard's goal.

Hyppia was manhandled but still managed to connect to the ball. Amazing!

Could be the funniest goal of all. First it was pin-balled and stuck on the defenders leg before Babel used his left foot to convert the 3rd goal.

Oh My God! This is not a typical midfielder game. Yo Keane, learn from our Captain Gerradnimo!

No offence to Alonso... it could have been a hat trick for Gerrard if he's still on.

Carra is a known good buddy to Owen. But on the pitch, you're my opponent... Luckily Carra didn't break Owen's leg...

Are we missing Keane? Not so sure. Or should I put the question the other way around. Why was Keane kept on the bench?
hmmm... with this kind of winning we really don't care who is playing and who is not. Aren't we?

I had enough time on me this morning to study the league positions. With 3 games in hand, Man.U can be considered a real threat now if they managed to win all the 3 games. They'll make them 44 points - on second place.

Thank Goodness that Chelsea inherited our `draw syndrome' and now we can move on and stay a distance from them. The next game is Preston North End. FA Cup affair. Let it be. Talk about it later.

The Premier League next encounter is with Stoke City. This team managed to steal a point when they forced us to a draw. I hope by now, Rafa and Sammy Lee knows how to deal with the Stoke City bus/ train or oil tanker in front of their goal post.

Hopefully, we won't have to endure anymore silly draws with those teams that we're supposed to win comfortably. And guys, mark your calender for the 20th Jan game - LFC vs Everton. They'll be many many fouls, yellow cards or even red awaits. It should be a blast, just like always! Trust me.


meiguoren said...

yup, I've also realize that Man U have turned into a major treat... However, the BPL aren't to be taken for a ride a anymore, not as predictable as it used to be...
And we can definitely see Keane sulking on the bench...
"Why on earth Liverpool scored 5 goals without me?"
But still, kudos to him, been scoring of late...

kajang-today said...

if they win all 3 games, mind you it's not that easy to win all 3, the other 2 are against Fulham and West Ham. Boro done with this morning so guess another 2 to go 2 second place.

The formation at Newcastle do not suit Keane that's why he didn't play. He's at home if we play 4-4-2.BTW there are enough matches left for him to score goals starting with Fa Cup tie this weekend, maybe paired with Torres to enable him to get match fitness.

molongkolong said...

Stevie G moments of madness at a bar will haunt Liverpool.. what a pity..



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