18 December 2008

Liverpool best supported team in Premier League

Liverpool are the best supported football team in the Premier League, as more than a third of football fans claim to support their team based on "past successes".

By Chris Irvine

A countrywide survey of 2,708 football fans found that the Merseyside club, currently the league leaders, are also the best watched team on TV.
Research by sports website
www.wheresthematch.com found that success has a direct correlation to support bases, with 14.3 per cent of fans pledging their allegiance to 18 times title winners Liverpool.
Manchester United, who have won 10 Premier League titles since the league's inception in 1992, came second in the poll, with 11.8 per cent.
The research also found that while more than one third said they support their team chosen based on past success, more than one fifth supported their team because "they are the most local Premiership team to me".
Nineteen per cent said they were introduced to them at a young age, one in ten said "all my friends support them" and six per cent admitted to being attracted to one or more of the players.
Despite Chelsea's recent domestic success, which has seen them win two Premier League trophies in the last five years, their fan base remains comparatively small, as they came only ninth in the list of best supported clubs.
But more than one third of football fans said 'Chelsea', when asked "Which team do you most dislike in the Barclays Premiership?"
European Cup holders Manchester United came second, with 29 per cent.

Here is the top 10 most supported clubs (in percentage)
1. Liverpool – 14.3
2. Manchester United – 11.8
3. Tottenham Hotspur – 9.7
4. Arsenal – 9.6
5. Newcastle United – 5.8
6. Manchester City – 5.3
7. West Ham United – 4.9
8. Aston Villa – 4.4
9. Chelsea FC – 3.6
10. Everton FC – 3.1

News excerpt : http://www.telegraph.co.uk
Photo : Taken independently from The Guardian UK

utusanlfc :
Now... where do I belong la...?
In the 80's I was much awed by the cosmopolitan of Hotspurs (Ossie Ardilles, Steve Archiball etc etc), though I was quite aware of Liverpool as the serial champion. Then the emergence of Michael Owen and Robbie Fowler in the late 1990s sealed my fate, in conjunction with the advance in our satellite tv technology. With more live telecast acquired by Malaysian then, the more we fell in love with English Premier League in general, and Liverpool specifically. hmm... now I have a blog to express my connection to the club. hmmm....

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