14 December 2008

LFC 2 - HULL 2


I am so tired and fed-up already to write about us getting a DRAW. So be it. We controlled 67 per cent of the games. 27 shots to the goal. I am tired. Though my own analysis on Hull City is nonetheless true in essence. This small club is a real threat.

That's it. I am fed-up. Imagine next week if the performance is still the same, we gonna be in deep trouble to get over Arsenal. hmmm....

p/s About the photo - I'm not turning this web site from a football-focus into a porno. but it is so hilarious... (Picture was taken freely from The Guardian UK)

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Anonymous said...

Initially I was disappointed with another draw but after looking back at the match on the Premier League highlights,it not bad at all for Liverpool. I see players that had been criticised by their own fans such as Lucas had improved in term of passing and reading the game but he still need a lot of matches to polish up his passing,dribbling and scoring ability.
As for Kuyts, he is not comfortable playing as a lone striker because a player of that calibre must be quick,tall and strong. Ngog fit the bill but he not ready yet but Rafa should opt for Keane and Ngog combination to ensure Ngog can get the experience in the Premier League matches.
I felt sorry for Keane though but judging from PSV match, I think Keane is more like a midfielder than striker. Despite his proven track record as striker with Spurs,his skills and reading of the game could be a valueable assets to Liverpool if Gerrard or Alonso could not play due to injury. Maybe,just maybe, Keane can match Gerrard pinpoint passing or Alonso trademark volley, if Rafa allow him to play the midfield. Anyway win or lose, Liverpool still the BEST football club in the universe.....
Bob From Kuching



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