10 December 2008

Eindhoven 1 - LFC 3 (oh what a feeling!)

Unfortunately, this is not Keane's goal. It belonged to this person below :

And Reira is raring... he'll be doing this frequent in the future games.

Give Ngog more playing time, he might be a surprise package after all.

Oh my God. When I saw the Net this morning... I know I have missed the game. But I couldn't help it. I had a long day yesterday and when I reach home at 1am last night, my body had reach to the point of total exhaustion. Don't expect me to wake up at 4am. I need a minimum of 6 hours sleep. And I did. So there is no regret of me missing the game. Somehow, no matter how serious you are with the team, no matter how obsessed you are .... your health is the utmost important. I wasn't fit to stay awake another hour last night... so I surrender. Knowing that the next game this Saturday is gonna be one HULL of a game. Don't you agree?


Khan said...

alahai..good decision you made to miss the game. I waited..after driving all the way from taiping...like a fool...without checking astro guide but saw your page here that said game at 3.45...then when I tuned in..no liverpool's game. Watched a bit of chelsea's game and then gave up. Second time this has happened to me this season. In the future, I will not be a fool anymore..promise!

kajang-today said...

yes, check astro guide. highly recommended hahaha pity u bro.

utusanLFC said...

What? You're blaming me for the supposedly wrong info? oh ok. The time was in accordance with the kick-off time in Europe. Not so much of the time of live telecast or not. My apology lah. I was informed the game was broadcasted as a delayed game at 6am today. ESPN chose to show Chelsea's game. After all, LFC already in the last 16 but Chelsea was on the verge of ousting then. Ok The next game on Saturday, you can trust me. There will be a live telecast at 11pm. Make sure you're not driving then. hihihi

Anonymous said...

Let hope Ngog and Babel will be regular first eleven after this.Ngog can be a world class striker but still inexperience.
If Rafa willing to give him a chance,Ngog can be better than Torres,Thierry Henry, Eto and even the self proclaimed (yukkkkkkkkkk!) world best player Cristiano Ronaldo. He is very strong,quick and most importantly have the height advantage compared to Keane. What about players from Liverpool reserve league?Please give them a chance also Rafa.
Win or Lose,Liverpool still and always be the BEST football club in the universe.......
Bob From Kuching



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