23 December 2008

THANK YOU EVERTON!!! For stopping the mighty-rich Chelsea from overtaking us your nemesis

This is JCW (John Cooper Works). A fully-charged version of MINI that roars 210 hp and priced nearly RM280k. I tested it for 4 days... and wow... I overtook people like nobody business! And on 1st gear, the speedometer reached 100km/h within a few seconds. Nuts!

Ohhhh... MY GOD!

Again Chelsea failed to capitalise on the Liverpool lousy draw result by doing precisely what most of us have thought for quite a while... these TOP FOUR now seems to lost their way to win a game!!!! Usually there will be one or two top team who will face a bad patch in a season but ALL FOUR OF THEM? This is historic feat ! Some people credited the whole event with the advanced of the lesser team - who seems to know how to win i.e Aston Villa, Hull City... May be it's true after all. Liverpool next game is against Bolton. I think this will be a good time for Liverpool to eventually register the much-awaited win.

utusanLFC :
I might not be online til Friday. Someone's new is coming over and I have to entertain him for the next few days. Do you guys know where is JPN's office in Shah Alam?


Khan said...

JPN PJ I know la hehe..
Use google maps or gps la bro..

redster said...

JPN Shah Alam is at Plaza Masalam, I can't remember what floor though, maybe 7th or 8th floor. Plaza Masalam is next to Concorde Hotel.

rizal hashim said...

alah bawak ajelah mini cooper tu pergi shah alam and tanya orang. redster baiklah, ada jugak orang nak tolong utusanlfc ni!



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