22 December 2008

Arse-nil 1 - Liverpool 1 (tense, bloodied but someone should have won the game laaa...)

For a quick doze (my first time posting instantly after the game... usually I went to sleep... hey its 2am laaa)

1. Who actually lost its tempo when Adebayor red-carded? Isn't it supposed to be Arsenal?
2. LFC simply disintegrated after that.
3. Keane might regained fans believe and confidence of his prowess, though the one who equalised in that game could have been more a Tottenham striker, rather than an LFC. hahaha
4. Playing at Emirates, coming home with a point - it's okay.
5. No it's not okay. We could have won it. We were better. Obviously, we missed Torres.
6. Now it's straight 4 draw. This has got to be stopped.
7. Adebayor got red card. Fabregas was crocked. That's good!
8. I hate the jersey mix. What's with the grey shirt and red shorts? U G L Y
9. hello Arse-ne... you talk big, still cannot eat us.... wa wa waaa...
10. Adebayor's red is a bit harsh? Its the name of the game. You fool.

p/s wei Bob, you must be watching the game with your laptop by your side. You posted at 1.56am. I was just contemplating either to smoke or to switch on the pc.


Khan said...

Torres..Torress..Torresss!!!! Where art thou??

Anonymous said...

No need to say more,I support you my liverpool colleague,we need Torres and hopefully Ngog to replace Keane after this.
Bob From Kuching

Torres_Mom said...

kihkihkih...play against 10 men arsenal still did not manage to beat them? even arsenal come up stronger after losing adebayor. i did not know if arsenal could have 11 men on the pitch,what the result is going to be...

Anonymous said...

..the result would have been 3-1. In favour of Liverpool. No wait! 5-1, Liverpool win. No..no..! It would have been Liverpool 6 Arsenal 1 la.

No way la! That is impossible! What nonsense are you saying?? How can you know what would have happened IF la?? You know or not, IF Pepe Reina was not in goal in the game, Adebayor would have scored 10 goals!!? You are not a true fan of Adebayor!! You speculate too much!

As for me, as true fan, KNOW for a fact that Arsenal is sooo strong. What you know!? Playing at home pulak tu! You saw or not? We got stronger when we were down to ten men, just shows how strong we actually are or could have been. And never forget, we continued to play the most beautiful game on earth even after we lost Adebayor (xoxoxxo=kiss hug kiss hug kiss kiss hug). Imagine that. All of our players were true professionals! None of them even thought of trying to get the ref to book any of the Liverfool's players! Not even one of our players dived! You saw the game or not?

Come May next year, we will be the champions la! By 20 points!!
By the way, please believe our manager Arsene Wenger when he says Adebayor did not even touch what-the-Liverfool-player's-name-again (?).

Oh, one more thing. We did not beat Liverfool because we kasi chance la. We could have beaten them if we wanted to, you know la, playing at home and being stronger and all. Lagipun, the referee was being biased la. Don't believe? Ask Arsene Wenger. He never lies one you know. The whole stadium also saw how biased the referee was! You did not hear ka? They all booed Liverfool for 30 minutes la. Letih you know. You try and see la to boo for 30 minutes non-stop! You think easy aa?

with utmost regards

Ada Bayor
(a true Arsenal fan)
on behalf of

Anonymous said...

elo ada bayor,

we're in open world. can't you just use a proper, gentleman-like nickname? Be brave man. don't be arsene wenger (loud mouth). hahahaha


Anonymous said...

Well Anon

It sounds better than Torres_Mom

Ada Bayor



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