17 December 2008

ARSENAL : without guns & ammo but still TALK BIG. Typical of a lousy team...

The funny sitting position of the Frenchy epitomised the lackluster performances of Arsenal boys club.

So our big game against the small kids of Arsenal this Sunday will not be lead by Rafa. We hope he get well soon. Kidney stone. Hmmm… People who work under extreme stress, tend to get those types of health issue.

And while Rafa is recuperating at home, we the fans must be feeling the stress a bit to kick Arsenal’s arse. And the team would be handle by Sammy Lee. Someone I really trust that can do a lot of damage to Arse-ne Wenger’s tactic at the Emirates.

WATCH LIVE TELECAST ON MALAYSIAN SATELLITE TV SUNDAY MIDNIGHT 11.59pm (actually the game starts at 12am Monday but it gonna confuse people laaa)


Khan said...

haha.. :-D

Nice pic though..

Another funny thing: the word verification for this post for me is dedampig...apa da..

rizal hashim said...

I disagree. Underestimate arsene's boys at your own peril. They maye be boys in terms of age and experience but they have technique, flair and imagination that liverpool don't. But I'm sure you don't agree!

kajang-today said...

yeah, arsenal are flair team but style over substance would never win you anything! liverpool on the other hand are solid, business like without the spectacular stuff. Sometimes boring to watch for the neutrals but nevertheless too good for the kids this time!
1-0 liverpool.

utusanLFC said...

Halo Rizal,

Your comment is so FUNNY. Because of their supposedly beatiful technique, flair and imagination LAH that is evidence now at where Arsenal stands in the League. Below Liverpool and below Aston Villa. Go figure! All Liverpool need to do is stop Fabregas and limit Adebayor's or Van Persie's movement. Arsenal now is not the INVINCIBLE TEAM OF PATRICK VIERA, HENRY, ADAMS and so on. The current crop is CRAP. Twart Man. U and Arsenal supposed to be back in the title contention. But then kaput in the hands of smaller-up-&-coming teams like Aston Villa. I'm sure if they managed to draw with Liverpool this Monday all the London-based bias newspapers will shout ``Arsenal is within the title reach'' or `` Liverpool dream of its 19th trophy is gone'' and all that crap.
Why can't Arsenal fan realise that your team now is as good as kaput and should concentrate to win the 4th spot. With the on-form Villa now, it would be a tough fight for underperformed, but overhypped team like Arsenal to muster. Poraaaa



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