25 December 2008


Well... after much tinkering and thinking (like Rafa...), I decided to announce something here.

Yesterday, at about 10.33am, my wife has safely gave birth to a baby boy - our third child, two of whom were girls. I have been accompanying my wife for the last 2 nights at the hospital and mind you, it does get to your nerve... To smoke, I have to get down from Level 3, walk about 200 meters out of the hospital perimeter. And to have a meal, add another 100 meters (I can't stand the hospital's cafeteria food... and I'm sure none of you would also). I didn't have proper sleep because every 4 hours the nurse would come to check upon my wife etc etc. They got satellite TV but the screen is just 14 inch... not only it's hard to see but hear too. That's why a brief run to home is something I must do today, thus posting on this blog!

Fortunately, the services from the doctors, nurses up til the security guards and the parking attendants is first class, so I think everything is fine. After all it was my wife who gave birth, not me. I'm just a poor husband who had to bear all the premium costs for those services.

I must say that it has been my wishes to have a boy, since I have a couple girls already. Thank God, Alhamdulillah... God granted my wishes. I wanted to name him Steven Gerrard but my wife opposed it, as she preferred to name him after her grandfather.

And for a while, my mind wasn't entrenched unto Liverpool. If not for today's paper, I wouldn't remember that there will be a game tomorrow night - against Bolton Wanderers. I doubt I'll be watching because it's my futsal night. I think I can watch the repeat on Saturday.

This week has been nothing but a blasts, full of blesses, greats and miracles... and futsal night is where I can blow some steam... hopefully it won't be that competitive. I even announced to all my mates that I will bear tomorrow's pitch charges of RM60. Unless if it's raining... I'll be watching at home.

So guys, I will go for a quick nap before I return to the hospital for my night-shift. Thank you for all the best wishes send direct to my phone... and Yes Manaf, we shall have the montecristo soon!

aaa... he could have been named Steven Gerrard... hehehe...

p/s Merry Christmas to all of you!


me said...


LFC fan


hiDayah.nazri said...

omg congratulations!
after few years u can say 'i watched the game with my son..'

and im sure every reds fathers wanted to name their son steven gerrard -_-


meiguoren said...

congrats!!!!! lol... steven gerrard would definitely be a holy and blessed name...

kajang-today said...

congrats bro!

Khan said...

Congrats again :D :D :D :D

Anonymous said...

Tahniah Pok,
Saya mewakili rakyat Sarawak ingin mencadangkan nama Taib Mahmud sebagai nama anak lelaki kamu,salam hormat......
Bob From Kuching

The Real Hotspur Fan said...

Tahniah! Your first boy of 3. Must be like first born baby after all. Keep up the good work. Keep on posting. I like it when you mix your writing with the current national issue. After all, that is your real job, isn't it? To confine your writing to a mere football is a bit rugi. A season, experienced journalist like yourself is a rare breed nowadays. So tell me, what do you think of the latest libel suit by Teresa Kok towards your newspaper?

ikhlas tapi jauh -



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