18 December 2008


There is a scandalous news for the last couple of days that Gerrard was supposedly gave a hint to a bigmouth friend who then whisper it loudly to a pal from a newspaper... that Liverpool is planning to dump Keane, come January.

Not that the story has bear any type of rude shock to us. By not playing him in 3 consecutive games, people might wonder. Was it Rafa deemed him so bad that he refused to play him and instead chose those lesser-name players i.e Ngog, Al-Zhar? Was it because Keane is protected so that he won't get injured, thus ensuring his price-tag remain high when come the times to put him up on the market?

Today, LFC has denied the story. What do we care? It's not like we're gonna lose Torres. Keane is a player who only managed to score 4 goals up to now. And who bothers about how many time he assisted. A striker's main job is to convert the goal. `Assisting' is a job for midfielders. Period! We have been a loyal fan and stuck behind him all the way. Even up to now while I'm posting this piece of thoughts! So I ask you, would it be any different if Keane stays or dumped?

My argument is that : since now we have a really good chance to go all the way to the summit, we can't be a charity club or non-governmental type organisation. We have to be a bit ruthless and determined. If we have to find a suitable striker, so we should do it. And in order to do so, we have to get rid of the existing non-performing player, so we should just do it. No need for sympathy or patience. Those are the good values implemented best when you're administrating an hospital or a nursery for old folks. But not a football club when so many things are at stake.

My opinion is 50/50 on Keane's position. He can stay well after January and I hope he'll get those long-lost golden touch of his. Perhaps all the doubts about his ability to play in a Liverpool shirt would be ceased then.

And he even can go elsewhere and we should get a better replacement... someone like Michael Owen.


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meiguoren said...

regarding keane, i'm in a mixed with you... but i think, we should give him the chance of staying at least a season... as for other options, owen is undeniably ultra-super-duper dangerous in the box!!! just observe his stats!!! however, it must be bear in mind that he's also known as an injury-prone player... so, can we afford that liabilty?



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