11 December 2008



As most of you know, Ian Rush came over to KL quite frequent, either as a EPSN pundits or playing in an exhibition games or holding a couple of days football clinic to the pathetic Malaysian football team. (I watch with dismay all the three games... against Laos - no one should shout as if we've won the cup, against Vietnam - the goalkeeper will be remembered most as silly as Robinson and against Thai... wow that team seems to be on another level altogether...).
Anyway, I found Ian Rush's article about his recent visit to Malaysia. Some nice words.

p/s look at the photo and tell me what do you think of the photographer's name...

Goal that helped sink United

I’ve just returned home from four enjoyable days in Malaysia.
I was part of the Liverpool Legends team who triumphed in the first ever Asian Masters.
It was a five-a-side round robin tournament between us, Manchester United, Arsenal and a Premier League All-Stars team.
We won all our games to get through to the final and then beat United 5-3.
I managed to get on the scoresheet in the final, but the main men were John Durnin and Mike Marsh, who played well.
Michael Thomas, Paul Walsh, Phil Babb and goalkeeper Paul Jones were also in the squad and we were playing in front of an enthusiastic crowd of 5,000.
While I was in Kuala Lumpur I had the time to visit the Liverpool supporters club to watch the Blackburn game.
They are mad about their football over there and there must have been 500 people in this place cheering on the Reds.
It was just great to see their fanaticism.


hiDayah.nazri said...

ohh cepat eh? :p
eei bestnye dpt tgk match dgn ian rush :(

Anonymous said...

Hear ye,hear ye my Liverpool friends,this a piece of news that should be read by all.
Bob From Kuching


KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 11 (Bernama) -- Liverpool and Spain striker Fernando
Torres has been voted Malaysia's favourite footballer, according to the latest
Barclays Global Fans Survey among Malaysian fans which was released today.
Barclays Global Fans Survey which analysed the opinions of 32,000 fans
across 185 countries including Malaysia, reveals that Malaysian fans have
voted Torres, also known as 'El Nino' as their favourite player (44 per cent),
ahead of Manchester United and Portugal striker Cristiano Ronaldo (43 per cent)
and Liverpool and England midfielder Steven Gerrard (35 per cent).
However, the all-time favourite player among Malaysian fans is Manchester
United legend and former striker Eric Cantona (37 per cent), beating former
Arsenal and current Barcelona striker Thierry Henry (30 per cent) and former
Manchester United midfielder David Beckham, who is currently playing for the Los
Angeles Galaxy.
The survey conducted by Barclays, the official title sponsor of the
English Premier League, also reveals that the style of football (22 per cent)
and competitiveness (21 per cent) are the most appealing aspects of the English
game, according to the average Malaysian fan.
Malaysian fans also voted Sir Alex Ferguson as their favourite Barclays
Premier League manager (37 per cent), Old Trafford as their favourite
stadium, and Manchester United as the most popular club (38 per cent), followed
by Liverpool (28 per cent).


Apart from that, Barcelona and Argentina striker Lionel Messi is the
player Malaysian fans would most like to see in action in the Barclays English
Premier League (60 per cent).
The survey also reveals that an average Malaysian fan spends more than five
hours a week following the EPL matches (43 per cent) and television is the
favoured medium for following live matches (88 per cent), while 24 per cent
prefer to use the Internet for watching short highlights.
But the outstanding finding, according to the survey, is that football (91
per cent) is the top topic of conversation among friends, ahead of sports in
general (40 per cent) and politics (39 per cent), while football (45 per cent)
takes second place to family matters (56 per cent) as the most important
activity in the lives of fans.
The analysis was done as part of the ongoing research by Barclays
to better understand the attitudes and lifestyles of football fans around the


KUALA LUMPUR, 11 Dis (Bernama) -- Peminat bola sepak di negara ini telah
memilih penyerang pasukan Liverpool Fernando Torres sebagai pemain pilihan utama
mereka, menurut hasil kajian terbaru Barclays Global yang dikeluarkan hari ini.
Kajian tersebut, yang melibatkan 32,000 respondan dari 185 negara,
menunjukkan Torres, pemain Sepanyol, menerima 44 peratus undian dari peminat
Malaysia diikuti penyerang Manchester United Christiano Ronaldo (43 peratus) dan
pemain tengah Liverpool Steven Gerrald yang menerima 35 peratus undian.
Pemain lagenda Manchester United (MU) Eric Cantona menerima undian sebanyak
37 peratus sebagai pemain pilihan sepanjang masa, mengatasi penyerang Barcelona
Thierry Henry (30 peratus) dan bekas pemain MU David Beckham.
Kajian yang dijalankan oleh Barclays, penaja rasmi Liga Perdana Inggeris,
menunjukkan peminat Malaysia telah memilih Sir Alex Ferguson sebagai pengurus
pilihan (37 peratus), Stadium Old Trafford sebagai gelanggang pilihan dan
pasukan MU sebagai kelab pilihan.
Selain itu, 60 peratus peminat di negara ini juga ingin melihat penyerang
Barcelona Lionel Messi (Argentina) beraksi pada Liga Perdana Inggeris (EPL).


Kajian itu juga menunjukkan secara purata peminat Malaysia menghabiskan masa
lebih lima jam dalam seminggu untuk mengikuti perlawanan EPL dengan 88 peratus
menyaksikan perlawanan secara langsung menerusi televisyen manakala 24 peratus
peminat menggunakan internet untuk melihat aksi-aksi utama perlawanan.
Menurut Barclays, bola sepak menjadi 91 peratus topik perbualan di kalangan
rakan diikuti tajuk am (40 peratus) dan politik (39 peratus) manakala sukan itu
menduduki tangga kedua dalam kehidupan peminat berbanding aktiviti kekeluargaan.
Kajian itu dijalankan oleh Barclays bagi memahami lebih dekat mengenai sikap
dan cara hidup peminat bola sepak di seluruh dunia.

Anonymous said...

hey Bob. Now I am curious of who you really are. That Bernama report can only be gotten if you have a media access. hahaha... GOTCHA!

As for Hidayah, Ian Rush often mai KL. All you need to do is keep abreast with the LSCM activity. Then you'll know when is his next visit. Then you'll get to meet him in person.

Khan said...

rasa-rasa berapa ramai peminat bolasepak malaysia yang take part dalam survey tu? Eric Cantona as all-time favourite haha!

meiguoren said...

john cocks... hehehe, nice name...



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