19 December 2008


Usually prior to the weekend matches, someone will be chosen to talk on behalf of the team. Usually it would be the captain. Or the most popular player or the one who can speak fluent English. So among the chosen few, Arsenal pick one former flop of Man.U : Silvestre. He thinks he knows how to beat LFC, because he did that twice. I admit. He did score. How? Because there was a neat cross from his former teammates. But with Arsenal? I don't think he'll get that kind of service. When that Theo Walcott play, albeit as a winger - he has not known to be someone like Beckham who will cross beautifully to the centre forwards. Walcott usually will run and run and run til someone trips him. Opportunist.

My other question is will Arse-ne Wenger play Silvestre at all? There is a strong possibility that he will. This is simply because his boyish team cannot and will not sustain the onslaught by the more matured, physical and professional players of LFC. We don't care how neat they could be in passing the ball around or beautiful it may seems. Because at the end of the game, what matters most is who gets the vital 3 points. English football is no place for showboating. You want to show your supposedly-entertaining football, you should do it elsewhere. May be La Liga or Serie A. Or better the Swedish league or MSL. English has always been the blood, the courage, the passion and the banter. Speed and brutality are the main ingredients. Speed and beauty are meant for Miss World Beauty Pageant. May be that's where Arse-ne Wenger should bring his boyish team. Gallas can be set up as the representative from THE LAND OF SULKS, Silvestre from Manchester Prison and Fabregas... a bitch from the land of Jupiter.

Arsenal is definitely one of the interesting match that all of us anticipated in every season. Though the degree of enthusiasm is not as high as when Liverpool vs Man.U. We never consider Arsenal as our mortal opponent, thus win or lose doesn't bring much impact - aside than the normal 3 pointers on the chart. But if we lose to Man.U.... it would be like a hurricane passing through the city! The same could be said about Everton (though the animosity couldn't be felt by the rest of the fans outside Merseyside).

Unfortunately, not many in the office dare to take up my challenge. I only got a RM100 bet. To me this is very small amount. It reflects the distrust among the Arsenal fans alike of their own team's ability. Which is true. hahaha


Anonymous said...

LATEST NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Match of the CENTURY

Real Madrid vs Liverpool,

Win or Lose, Liverpool still the BEST football club in the universe!!!!!!
Bob From Kuching

utusanLFC said...

In line with our supposedly focus this season that is to be the Champion in The Premier League, and not so much in the UEFA... I feel a bit lazy to post about the game between Real vs LFC. Later later lah...

Anonymous said...

I think rafa will not to focus on UCL... because We're still contend the title race...
But, if we're still failed in EPL??
Bye2 Rafa...

fan frm klang valley

Anonymous said...

ehhh don't la. Rafa is the BEST manager we ever had. Lets confine our discussion on Liverpool who is aiming to be the Champion of EPL.

Seriously, I also don't care about the European UEFA Cup... We WANT TO BE EPL CHAMP!




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