02 December 2008

LFC 0 - West Ham 0 (feel like not winning...)


In a result-orientation world like the English Premier League, no matter how good or you could have control the game for 90 minutes but if you don't score goals - all of this means nothing. It is the same as wasting our time. Thus the failure of Liverpool to score and to win the game is soooooo disheartening. Instead of 3 points lead, we now leading the chart with only extra 1 points. What a waste.

Should we play the blame game? Was it Keane so horrible a player - we should be demanding Rafa to sale him off next month - and replace him with Heskey! Or was it Gerrard played like a bloody fool the whole time? He was so determined that the fate of the team is in his hands and refuse to pass the ball to others - who were better positioned in the box to score.

On the opposition team's tactic, yes Zola had one thing in his mind. To get a point. How? Defending and trying to go for sucker-punch in the counter-attack with Bellamy as a solo forward. Bellamy had at least 2 chances to surprise its former club.

We have discuss this aspect before. How do you break a team who came over to Anfield with a one purpose only that is to defend? They'll sit tight. They put may be a bus, may be a train in front of its goal post. That's what West Ham did stoutly. Remember Zola is not a stupid Italian. Liverpool seems to be lost in tactician to penetrate this kind of game.

Another blank. Another draw. Results like this really stink. And spoil your day.
I am soooooo............. Pissed-off !!!!!


Khan said...

With the players we have, we will still fail in the future with teams that come here to snatch a surprise victory rather than try winning it by attacking. That is why Liverpool always does well against stronger opponents.

We need better players. Rafa hands are tied too with the mediocre players at his disposal. And when one or two important ones do not perform, like Gerrard last night for instance, we are doomed!

The yanks must sell before January.

Anonymous said...

Keane a major flop and to be honest I rather see Ngog playing rather that Keane.
With or without Gerrard and Torres playing,Liverpool can win.The only problem now is whether Rafa put the right player in the right position. My wish is to see benayoun,babel,ngog and players from Liverpool Academy to play in the first eleven espcially ngog.
But please don't be too disappointed my Kop friends Liverpool will be a Premier League champion this time, sabarrrrrrrrrrr
Bob From Kuching

Anonymous said...

L E T I H.

Tido jam 1.30am. Bangun 3.55am. Jam 6am tak menang.


meiguoren said...




The GOLDEN Team of Kenny Daglish

The GOLDEN Team of Kenny Daglish
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