03 December 2008

Suddenly don't feel like to read about football at the moment

I told you I hate this yellow jersey...

hmmm... you can say the hurting is quite huge. Such is the standard nowadays that fans can't accept not even a draw by Liverpool Football Team. There was a time when we know the ability of our own team against the other big 3 (i.e Man.U & Arsenal... those Owen's era), so when we drew - the feelings then was a big relieve. But that was ancient time.

Today, with the personnel with have gathered all around the world, in particular from the Iberian peninsular... the expectation is high. We can't accept draw anymore. Not when we control the game for more than 90 % of the time. And not when we had attempts more than 20 shots to the goal but none converted... This is where it really hurt. Still hurt. And pissed-off.

I'm not sure if this morning's news can be considered as some sort of a remedy. Arsenal were beaten by Burnley in the Carling Cup. They said the team was not even the 2nd choice but isn't that was the same team hailed so gloriously fortnight ago when they defeated .... err... I don't remember what team. But my point is that - Arsenal has a strong followers among the London-based sports writers. That's why the story is so small. hahaha...

Imagined if Arsenal won and the glorification would be greater as if they have won the cup, whilst the truth is that they only got passed a Coca-cola Championship outfit of Burnley. Fortunately, it was not to be.

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