12 December 2008

What the Hull gonna happened to LFC tomorrow? LFC 3-Hull 0


ASIDE then the usual MATCH OF THE WEEK among the Big Four, I must say - this season and up to now, I have some sort of a special boost to look forward for tomorrow’s game : LFC against Hull City. The excitement could be the same when LFC met Wigan on their first ever season in the Premier League and which Crouch scored 2 goals after 18 times failing to do so. Is Robbie Keane gonna be lucky also?

The reason is simple. The way this small club managed to sustain its position among the top 6 of the Premier League up to the 16th game is a remarkable story. At one time they were up there on top 3. Of course as time passed, many people expect them to be where they should be… between 10th spot to relegation level. However, at the current standing… I doubt if Hull would fine themselves in a desperate situation in May. It’s pretty impressive for a small club whose only star is a reject from Man.City ; Giovanni.

The statistic of Hull City is a revelation.
1. The Tigers have avoided defeat in 75% of their Premier League games under Phil Brown (12 of 16), and are hoping to gain their second away win over a 'Big Four' club, having already beaten Arsenal 1-2 at the Emirates on 27 September.
2. Unbeaten in four Premier League matches; drawn three and won one since suffering three successive defeats.
3. Completed 44 Championship and Premier League games without a goalless draw; the home clash with Bristol City on 27 December 2007 being the most recent.
4. In danger of tumbling to a third successive defeat to a 'Big Four' club, having lost 0-3, home to Chelsea on 29 October, and 4-3, away to Manchester United on 1 November.
5. Scored 15 away goals in the Premier League; only Chelsea can beat that with 21.
6. Netted in every one of their away games at this level; only Chelsea equal that this season.

p/s Noticed Hull City's logo is similar to ... errr... Malaysian logo. Even the jersey's of Hull is yellow with black stripes. But given the lousy performance of the Malaysian team recently in Phuket... aaahhh just forgetaboutit....

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