31 January 2012

Craig Bellamy is LFC's man of the hour

Craig Bellamy to prove he is our man of the hour. - REUTERS

Liverpool FC have won just one of the last six in the Barclays Premier League and away from Anfield taken maximum points in just one of the last five. What a sickening stats, if you ask me. What made it worst, the failure to register a winning game came in the matches against the supposedly easy to win. It may sounds arrogant but hey, we just defeated Manchester City and Manchester United last week, how in the hell we failed to beat Bolton Wanderers and oh... all the bottom clubs. 

30 January 2012

Manchester United just don't get it. We, LFC only hate Mancs !

T-shirts claiming Liverpool fans aren't racist is seen at a stall near to the stadium ahead of the English FA Cup fourth round football match between Liverpool and Manchester United at Anfield in Liverpool, north-west England on January 28, 2012. Photo: AFP
TWO massive matches in two different competition and all went well for Liverpool FC. Unfortunately for me, last week I had an infection on my tonsil, thus making me unable to do much, aside than swallowing about 1000 grams of antibiotic into my body system. We are experiencing some hot weather here in Malaysia and since my soul is half located in Liverpool, the winter in me simply couldn't cope with the hot tropical day. Obviously, when on medication, switching on the laptop was not in my top priority. That's the reason why I didn't update my blog during the brilliant and humongous win against Manchester City and Manchester United. Damned, what a week it was!

26 January 2012

It was a clear cut handball by Micah Richards

Harsh decision by the ref to award Liverpool the penalty? It is harsh if the ball hit the neck, instead of Micah Richards's hands. (Getty Images - stolen from the Internet, actually)

The supposedly unbias football commentator were quick to say ``a very very harsh decision by the referree'' and ''a controversial penalty''. To him, it was more like a `ball to hand' situation, a way to describe it was unintentional. It would harsh if in that event, Micah was yellow carded for conduct of unprofessional by using his hand to stop a goal bound shot by Daniel Agger. But he was not, isn't he?

24 January 2012

Balotelli, you have no class AT ALL

Why always you? That was generous of Mr Webb. Red card it should have been.

Mario Balotelli is a moron. If he thinks he could get away with his crime, he must have only a set of radio in his home. If he has a television, he'll know straight away that in what ever angle, every movement of his would be captured by the camera on the pitch. Yet he still thinks he can escape by claiming his stamp on Scott Parker was unintentional. 

23 January 2012

Craig Bellamy : The Man of The Match

Don't worry Craig, keep up your performance and you will never walk alone.

I was browsing the Net, looking for something `nice' to read on this lazy Monday afternoon. It is a long public holiday here in Malaysia due to the celebration of Chinese New Year that falls today and tomorrow. So since last Saturday, it's a four day holiday for some. But not me. I'm in the office. I shall take a backdated holidays starting Thursday. Just nice to prepare for the match against Manchester City. And there wasn't much `nice' news to read.

22 January 2012

Andy Carroll is not fit for Liverpool FC

Andy Carroll, your time is up. 

We have been patience enough, to a point of really close to blind loyalty towards the very existence of Andy Carroll within the Liverpool squad. While it is true it was Andy's header that assisted Craig Bellamy to score the consolation goal, but that was it. We wanted more. But Carroll doesn't seems capable to provide any. The frustration has gone to the North Pole. It's unbearable. 

21 January 2012

Apa kaitan kaset dan pensel? Mingguan Malaysia 15 Januari 2012 oleh Johardy Ibrahim

Satu artikel yang boleh dicapai di Internet yang menyatakan anak-anak kita tidak akan tahu hubung kait antara kaset dan pensil'. - GAMBAR HIASAN

PADA pertengahan 1980-an, terdapat satu pusat jualan bersebelahan Dermaga Brooke yang juga stesen bas untuk ke selatan Kuching. Pusat jualan berbumbung bernama Dockyard itu menyerupai konsep Uptown yang semakin banyak di Lembah Klang hari ini iaitu kebanyakannya menjual barangan tiruan, selain tempat makan dan jeti penambang ke Kampung Tanjung.

20 January 2012

Liverpool must score to win against Bolton Wanderers

oooppssss..... Liverpool is meeting Bolton Wanderers, not Michael Bolton.   Click here to listen to his most memorable song Said I love you but I lied...

Seriously speaking, supporting Liverpool all these years has taught me many many things that is useful in my every day life. One of it is that never to become a boastful person. It's easy since we don't have much to boast, some might say. 

18 January 2012

adidas, you're an idiot !

Proudly showing off the Anthem jacket (made by adidas) that I bought in UK  in December 2011.

Should we be pissed off or offended with the rather harsh remark by adidas's CEO, Herbert Hainer? That is after all the support we gave adidas by spending thousands of dollars to acquire the LFC's merchandise. The best part of the excuses given by Hainer is that LFC are not competing in the European championship, so they decided not to prolonged the contract.

13 January 2012


Showing off the precious ticket for the LFC's match against Blackpool on Oct. 3, 2011 (look at that giant photo of that dumb blonde on the wall next to Steven Gerrard)

Replying to a repeat queries from various LFC's fan in Malaysia on how to go to Liverpool to watch a match, here I will try my best to accommodate.

First of all, you got to secure the stadium ticket before you do anything else. How do you do that? You can go direct to the LFC's ticketing office via online or telephone. It is a bit messy because you have to register as the international member. But if you have done so, it shouldn't be a problem. 

12 January 2012

LFC beat Manchester City. But don't get carried away, dude.

No way Aguero! You won't beat Pepe Reina. The defining moment when Martin Kelly 's silly back past almost cost LFC a hefty fine. Thanks to Reina to cancel Aguero's attempt. (Photo AFP)

There were two tactics employed by Kenny Dalglish in the match against Manchester City last night. In the first half, it was attack, attack with conviction and neat passing. It was a good momentum til the whistle was blown for the break, as we have the goal in the net as early as the 13th minute. 

11 January 2012

Bellamy is LFC's real hope to beat Manchester City

Craig Bellamy could be the push-factor to win the match against Manchester City  in the Carling Cup at 4am Malaysia  time 12 January 2012. (Photo AFP)
The best part of tonight's match (well...it's a freakin 4am in Malaysia for us here!) is that nobody seems to care that it is only a League Cup or Carling Cup, which according to the clubs that have been ousted from the league... it is supposed to be a worth-nothing cup. hahaha... But because of the competing teams are such high-profile clubs, Carling Cup or no Worth Nothing Cup, this time it retain its glamour. I like it!

10 January 2012

It's not solely about Evra. We just hate MUFC. Period!

Al Pacino as Don Corleone in Godfather III
Never hate your enemies. It affects your judgement.

This is one of the famous quote by Don Corleone in a helicopter scene in the Godfather III movie can be aptly used in our everyday lives. Capish? It also depends if you have enemies as dangerous as Joey Zaza. I love the movie. I love ALL The Godfathers trilogies. No idea what I'm talking about? Google... my young Skywalker. 

So you're not supposed to hate your enemies, as advised by the Lord of the Hoodlums, created by Mario Puzzo (I have the books too!!! Hell... I have the video tape, VCD, DVD...posters...). 

08 January 2012


Where are you heading to Mr Bent? 
If this is not the funniest story ever, it could be deemed as rather an insulting situation for the poor chap Darren Bent. Just a few days ago, the rumour of him becoming one of the LFC squad member hit the fever stage. Today, Aston Villa manager Alex McLeish has revealed that Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish has told him he is not interested in signing Darren Bent.

07 January 2012

Liverpool FC is NOT a racist club. Ever!

Oldham Athletic's Tom Adeyemi (2nd R) is calmed down by Liverpool's Steven Gerrard (2nd L) and referee Neil Swarbrick (R) after a fan shouted abuse at him during their FA Cup soccer match against Liverpool at Anfield in Liverpool, northern England, January 6, 2012. - REUTERS

For many of the Asian newspaper, they will only published the post-match report tomorrow 8 January 2012, due to the time difference between UK and Asia. For Malaysia, it's 8 hours ahead. Thus for the matches that played at 8pm in UK, that spells trouble for us here because it is 4am !!!

My concerned is only on one particular issue for the match LFC vs Oldham Athletic at 4am this morning. Even though we won the match in a staggering manner (5 goals against 1), because of that one incident involving Tom Adeyemi, the news tomorrow would focused on the racist chant and overshadowed the whole football story.

Andy Carroll's left footer was the best!

We have waited for Andy's left footer for quite a long time. We know it would  go in, we know it would be beautiful. Do it again in the Manchester City's match. - AFP

Speaking of a left footer, Oldham Athletic's forward Robbie Simpson was not bad at all. Thumbs up for the effort. It's not easy to beat our Pepe Reina and only such thunder strike would be exceptional. - AFP

LIVERPOOL 5 - OLDHAM ATHLETIC 1. That was the flash I read in my Twitter this morning. A relief and a bit of anger. Relief that we managed to come back from the slumped by Manchester City a few days ago and to score that a high margin, is simply marvellous.

06 January 2012

Darren Bent, is he...? Really? Why? hmmm....

He loves to do that at Sunderland.
According to a Mirror journalist via his twitter, Darren Bent is a done deal to join LFC. And he quoted unnamed sources from LFC. Was it Kenny Dalglish himself? Or some one from Standard Chartered Bank (you need money to pay Aston Villa, right?). I read this story at about 9pm Malaysia time.

No live telecast LFC vs Oldham Athletic (Grrrrr.....!!!)

Somehow it reminds me of Harry Potter... the white owl. HAHAHAHA

05 January 2012


LFC's lethal weapons on the bench in the Manchester City's match. They should be starting in the 2nd match against the Manchester City on 11 January 2012.
No posting since the match against Newcastle United? Then the heavy losses to Manchester City? Nothing out of the ordinary. I have mentioned it before, I won't be commenting on pre and post-matches that too often. So many bloggers are doing it, including who wrote once in every 3 months. I prefer to ponder on something else that is closer to my Red heart & soul.

Tonight, I would like to ask you: does anybody know when would Kenny Dalglish announce a new striker for the squad?

01 January 2012


Obviously we were too happy to be in Anfield that we somehow over-used the scarf around our neck. From left: myself, Mdm Norliza Kamaruddin and Jagdev of The Star on Dec 10, 2011.

I wish all of you : a jolly New Year of 2012. I won't be asking what type of celebration you participated last night, on the New Year's eve. It must have been a blast!!!... I'm not sure if you even awake today! It's New Year and also it's Sunday. So resume your slumber!

Luis Suarez found guilty because he can't speak properly?

The FA's written verdict on Luis Suarez shed more questions than ever.
It was a long read but yet, I couldn't comprehend on the part of ``unreliable and inconsistent'' that FA summaries on Luis Suarez's testimony, The FA report says Suarez's evidence was 'unreliable in matters of critical importance' and 'inconsistent with the contemporaneous evidence, especially the video footage'. 

By contrast, the FA found that Evra was 'a credible witness' and that he gave evidence 'in a calm and composed way' and was 'for the most part consistent'. 

As I have suggested, Suarez's case fell apart with his admission of using the word `negro' and according to the FA, he used it 7 times.



The GOLDEN Team of Kenny Daglish

The GOLDEN Team of Kenny Daglish
If we have them now, say farewell to Arsenal, Man.U and Chelsea... if...