31 March 2009


One more rumours coming out of Spain today I read... it seems that Samuel Eto'o could be signing for Liverpool this summer... wow. It was a brief story in the Daily Sports. But if that can excite a lot of people, well ..... so be it.
Of course when new players coming in, there will be absolutely those who will have to leave. Below are some of the players that might in your opinion should be shown the way out. Take your pick ! :


1. Yousi Benayoun. Though some might criticized him for not showing his true talents like he did with West Ham, you must understand that this Israeli has not been given many chances in the starting line-up. But when he did... wow! He is devastating. Like against the mighty Real Madrid.

2. Daniel Agger. There were few news report lately saying that Agger will not renew his contract and is looking elsewhere. I still suspect the news is malicious. How can Agger complaint of his limited opportunity when the real reason behind his absence was nothing more than his own injury. I vote for Agger to stay on. C'mon, Carragher won't be in that position forever and you're still 24 years old. Stay on with Liverpool. The fans love ya.

3. Philip Degen. I'm a bit surprised to find this photo in the net. So he did wore the jersey but can anybody tell me which game did he played in and did anyone of you saw the game? Oh My God! He could be one of the worst buy we ever had. He broke his foot in his first training session!
p/s : this is a superimposed photo. The actual player is Arbeloa. I know now.

4. Andrea Dossena. He scored two wonderful goals against Real Madrid and Manchester United. But still scepticism persisted. Sell him!

5. David Ngog. A supposedly young player for the future. At the beginning, I saw the potential in him to which I recalled calling his game as slick as Anelka. He could dribbled and hit the ball hard. But at this point of time, I doubt if Ngog has that capacity to really excelled in Liverpool or even English Premier League that requires speed, blood and blood...

6. Pennant. Mind you he is still a Liverpool employee. aahhh ok... GONE! Bye! Bye!

7. Lucas Leiva. hmm.... Kajang-Today's theory is that when Lucas shortened his hair, his game changed dramatically. I still defending Lucas because there is a time when you can see he is a world-class player and of course, there were times you wished that he stay on the bench.

So guys, did I missed anyone? I cursed you guys if any of you nominate Samy Hyppia.... hehehe


Firol said...

how about babel???....

Yadayada said...

01. Yossi have to stay, his zig-zagging stuff is good especially in the dying stage...

02. Agger have to stay, he's basically the most technically-gifted centre-back i've seen, he can defend, he can dribble and he can smash!!!

03. Degen can just perish, I've never seen him play...

04. Dossena, hahaha... He can attack but he can't defend but he's a full-back... ???

05. Ngog, no comment, nothing special so far...

06. Pennant, no comment... hahaha

07. Lucas... hahaha, I agree with you, I can't quite make what to expect from this guy... give him another season?

08. Voronin is still a Liverpudlian, do you guys think Rafa should hang on to him after being such a hotshot in bundesliga?

Anonymous said...

voronin? aiyoooyoyoooo

kajang-today said...

offload Ngog, Lucas, Benayoun, Dossena, Pennant and Voronin.

kajang-today said...

at times you see Lucas as a world class player? even with his limited appearance and skills?
I really admire your eye catching ability to spot one.

hhehee Luckily you're a reporter not a football scout.
Sorry bro, won't miss him!!!!

utusanLFC said...

apraa Zaidi...

Kutuk aku pun kutuk aje lah. toksah kaitkan dengan kerja aku. cisss.... kira semua yang tersenarai kau sanggup buang lah.



ar zhar a.k.a kumb@ng said...

hmmmmm..... :D

ashley said...

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