11 March 2009

is this Four REAL? Can you believe it? LFC 4-Real Madrid 0

With Torres, Captain Gerrard was supreme.

He is the only reason Real Madrid conceding 4 goals. It could have been more if not for he's world class goal-keeping.

  1. I have a confession. Today I overslept, thus making me an absentee in one test-drive session in Cyberjaya this morning. I have set up my alarm at 8.30am. I was still in bed when my dear friend, Mr Zul called me before 10am. I was still in bed when he text me after 10.30am. Because I only woke up at 11am.... a bit too tired I guess. Every 2 weeks we have to wake up at 3.45am that lasted til 5.45am. And now, I just want to enjoy the day with warmth in my heart... and some good sleep (I shall return to my bed, soooooon....)

  2. The whole day yesterday I receive some banters, teasers and questions from my colleagues and even superiors - if Liverpool can get passed Real Madrid. It was a bit irritating to me that they seem oblivious to the fact that Liverpool is carrying 1 goal advantage from Bernabeu. To me, that is already a certainty that Liverpool is going through. Well, who would have listen to me? To them, I am but an ardent LFC supporter. No matter what, win or lose, I will never say bad things about my club. This is a pure loyalty and not being a smart-ass.

  3. Such is the aura and prestige held by Real Madrid that people still confidence the squad can overturned the result in Anfield. To my annoyance, some UK newspapers (The Guardian UK in particular...) suggested that the Real Madrid squad is not a strong one that Liverpool should be proud off in defeating them. The writer suggested that the real contender to Liverpool exploits in Europe has to be Manure. This is another evidence of bias by the UK media. If Liverpool win that is because the opponent is weak. If Manure win that is because the brilliance of its team. WHAT A BOLLOCKS!!!!...... I for one, suggest we should reserve this sweet momentous win close to ourselves because these fact alone, made the winning more meaningful.

  4. Man-Of-The-Match? Many will vote for Torres or even Mascherano. This time around, I vote for Steven Gerrard. You know why. I don't need to justify it. However, I must say, the whole squad performed very well. I hope they continue their momentum next Saturday in Old Trafford.

  5. But you have to write properly if your man-of-the-match is Dossena. As the TV commentator said, an unlikely goal scorer. Just a minute earlier he was cautioned for some stupid thing and in fact he's first touch on the ball. Bloody lucky for him to score. At least, when we departed with him this summer, he will have something to remind himself of his time in Anfield. A wishful thinking... hahaha

  6. Now time for a quick breakfast (or brunch) and return to bed before 12.30pm... hhmmm...


Khan said...

They hate to admit that Liverpool makes the other teams look bad in CL.

I had a solid 7 hours of sleep before the match haha!

Firol said...

Glory round the anfield....next

Man U ...........

hidayahnazri said...

i vote for stevie!

Anonymous said...




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The GOLDEN Team of Kenny Daglish
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