26 March 2009

TATA NANO vs PROTON : What's the different?


  1. This is not a sophisticated car, obviously and it is not a complicated one. It is built for a lose purpose : for the RAKYAT. In this case, it is for millions of Indian that roam the busy street of Mumbai, New Delhi etc etc. It is designed to replace motorcycle or vespa or what three-wheels vehicle they have there and by having a car such as Nano, at least no one gets wet or exposed to those carbons. A simple car it is.

  2. So when Proton come up with its product, why can't most people relate to the Tata's philosophy? As our income per capita is better than India, we have to analyse the situation correctly within our Malaysian sphere. Same like Nano which was built for Indian's poor; Proton is design, built and sold for Malaysian.

  3. I'm a bit frustrated to hear people questioning the wisdom of having our own national car company. Those people questions everything. The most popular topic for bashing is the quality. Surely we would laugh to see the first thing people do when they see a new Proton product is to slam on the door. I hardly see people do the same with Toyota or Honda. Oh! That's because they say those Japanese brands are already proven.

  4. Oh My God! What's the different with Proton? They are also semi-Japanese, trained by Mitsubishi (now by Lotus, too). Did they think the Proton engineers studied in Papua New Guinea in automotive? Oh My God!

  5. I can't wait for the launching of Proton Exora. For those who love to hate Proton, I can assure you the quality built is on par with the other brands.


Khan said...

err..are we supposed to start a debate here? It would be interesting to hear what the others would say about this topic.

utusanLFC said...

WHY NOT? This week is international week for our beloved Liverpool. And many of you doesn't support England.

So lets talk about automotive.



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