22 March 2009

Less than 4 hours to go... can't wait to beat Aston Villa


  1. I had a quite relaxing Sunday today. Done some house cleaning, though to my nightmare, my hibiscus are infected by the fungus. Darned. I have to cut off the affected branch and it now doesn't resembles a tree at all. My heart is bleeding. Yes, I am an hibiscus enthusiast. I have about 13 trees that I plant in front of my house. It's a no-man's land. I have hybrid but my advice to you is AVOID it. So difficult to grow because of the hybrid nature. I have lost 2 hybrid. Each costs me RM18. After that experience, I opted for locally breed hibiscus. Unfortunately now, it is under attack by fungus. The `white phosphorous'.

  2. After reading one too many melancholy stories on Man U's demised by Fulham, I think I had enough today. The suckers will be depleted for the next game... also with Aston Villa. Manure won't be having Rooney, Vidic and Scholes. Go Villa, reap your points at Odd Trafford. But at Anfield tonight, sorry. The 3 points will be ours. hehehe...

  3. Hmmm.... What shall I do til 11.55pm?

1 comment:

Khan said...

Maybe try some 'fungusticide' ka..hehe

20 minutes to go before the game..sigh, if only tomorrow were a holiday...



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