01 March 2009


  1. I am still in the state of shock and total dismay, not so much for the result as I am old enough to accept that in football, there will be time for you to win and of course, to lose. But the way the team went down is a bit flumsy.

  2. The lucky goal conceded by Alonso was nothing. We could have do something to even the game. But there were mistakes, glaringly by our manager, Mr Rafa. Mistakes than even if we won the game, his decision would be debated heavily among the fans alike.

  3. First, what the heck didn't he retain Yossi in the starting line-up? What's with El-Zhar and then Ngog? Then he took Carragher off and a few minutes later.... came the second goal.

  4. I shall not write longer than I should. Liverpool is famous for drawing and winning. Losing is something rare for us this season. In the league, this is only the 2nd lost. In the season, 4 (the other 2 is one in Carling, 1 in FA Cup). So I am a bit shocked.


Amberan said...

we'll try again next season
and enjoy the rest

Khan said...

Taking out Carragher showed, at long last, Rafa's intent to win the game. Suddenly he 'realised' in this game that a win was the only way we could keep pace with the leader. A bit too late since we have drawn so many matches before this one.

If only Rafa were more adventurous like this in previous games. If only Rafa were more in need of a win rather than the not-to-lose mentality since the beginning of the season. After all, one win and one loss is 3 points rather than 2 points in two drawn games.

Our defense was never the problem. Our forwards are. Benayoun is good in Gerrard's role but with Gerrard around, no way he would be played there. We have to accept the fact that our forwards have been like this since last year. This time, there was no last minute saviour from any of the individuals like Torres.

Let's hope our run in the CL would give us something at the end of the season.



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