22 March 2009

Man. U collapsed at the hand of a tiny Fulham

Stupid Scholes forgotten that it was van de Sar's job to handle the ball, not him!


  1. Frankly, I didn't bother to watch football tonight. Our game is tomorrow night. But just as clumsy behaviour, my finger press on 813 channel. ehhh... Fulham 1 - Manure 0. Waaaa... suddenly the initial intention to watch RONIN... diminished. This is too good to be true. A small club, owned by a super-upped-market Al-Fayed is leading. Then from time to time the commentators mentioned about the supposedly golden boys of Manure... Ronaldo or Rooney who could score at the dying minute. But that beautiful takraw kick from Zoltan Gera (sounds like a character from the movie `Dude! Where's My Car?'....) kill off Manure. According to news reports, this is the first back to back lost since April 2005. Thank you to our former midfielder, Mr Danny Murphy.

  2. Remember his free kick (twice) that also downed Manure in 2001/2002? He must be smiling now thinking that he has the extra special power to beat Manure when ever they met. wow!

  3. I didn't see how did the penalty was decided and only when the game's ended they show what had happened. Another goalkeeper pretender was the culprit. Mr Scholes is supposedly a decorated-high profile player for Manure. Until now, no one dares to label him as old player who ought to be replaced by a younger player. No one dares to say that he costs his team 3 points. To which all of us, the rest of the world who hates Manure - would like to say a very big Thank You.

  4. For no apparent reason, after losing the ball, Rooney decided to pull Decort's short pant. Thus the yellow card. This is highly unlikely of an England striker. What kind of play is he trying to justify by doing so? The right to have a yellow card and then pretending to be a volleyball player, thus the 2nd yellow card = red card. This has been a funny 7 days for Manure. 4-1 drubbing by Liverpool last Saturday and tonight, 2-0 by a nonchalant squad like Fulham.

  5. There is no attempt to register any sympathy here. Chelsea also lost to Tottenham Hotspur. Chelsea could have been beaten severely if not for the bad finishing by the likes of err.... every one on the front line of Tottenham. The passing is good. The crossing by that tiny Lennon most of the time were lethal. But no finishing. Luckily, they had the solitary goal that spells a good opening for Liverpool of not only to regain its 2nd position but also making a good inroads for the top spot. It is now clearly only 4 points. Did someone say that it is impossible for Manure to lose any game and they are a sure champion, soon after Liverpool met an accident at Middlesboro, quite not too long ago? Well, my advice for you now... be very afraid. Very afraid of your own prediction as Liverpool has regain its rhythm and fine form.

  6. So Gerrard is facing a more serious charges? hmmm.... I can't comment until I understand what is really going on in the UK court. Until then, nothing should overshadow Liverpool's determination to win the championship this season. You'll Never Walk Alone.


kajang-today said...

SG is facing a lesser charge of affray. nothing to worry about, maybe a community service sentence.

ar zhar a.k.a kumb@ng said...

Good Job Murphy!

shadejalil said...

Without vidsick MU defense line looks vulnerable...Come on villa attack at will!!



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