16 March 2009


Both were former Everton fan but Carra has proven he is now anything but.

Look at Rooney's face... hahaha...

I'm sure everyone of us had a good time yesterday poking fun at Man U fans. One great loud speaker of Man U in my office was positively shut-off and was advice to jump off the building or the river behind our office. The banters continue while we were watching Datuk Lee Chong Wei's game. Almost everyone rooting for Malaysia and some one at the back... yesss... feels like beating Man U again. Then laughter cracks all around.

But this morning, reality check to every one. It was heaven, it was a hell of a joy we had on Saturday when LFC beat Man U 4:1. But last night, another challenger is also making a progress. Chelsea managed to beat Man City. Albeit by a margin of 1 goal. But a win is a win equals 3 points. This effectively reduce us back to no.3 in the chart. It is simply Chelsea had more goals than us. About 5 goals.

I am a bit alarmed to see all the news reporting, quoting Rafa that LFC can beat anybody now. Yes the momentum is great, the confidence is huge and the hunger is like never before. But reality check is that, not only we have to `pray' for Man U's failure but also fan-off Chelsea's competition. This is 3 prong fight. And it would be a tough fight.

I am not pessimist. Never be, never like it. I just don't want people to get overboard with this win. Lets enjoy the win accordingly. Lets brag to Man U that we beat them 4:1. But do we need to shout that we can win every time? Relax and calm down. Liverpool way is never an arrogance one. We are humble, yet great. We are subtle, yet tremendous. Don't go Mourinho way. Instead of admirers, Chelsea was infested also by haters. Liverpool must not go down the road. We must stay humble.

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