23 March 2009

LFC 5 - ASTON VILLA 0 (hmmm... could have been more!)

  • I don't quite remember if I had watch a team demolished quite literally like Aston Villa last night. There were little sense of fighting back and even when they do (Carew's headers.... twice!) it didn't really bothers Pepe Reina, though it has to take a world-class keeper like him to avoid the ball from going in! But again, Villa was totally annihilated.

  • Then of course, even though the score line has reach 5, somehow we can see that it could have been more. Every time LFC going forward, it would ended in a serious attack, be it a goal or a great save by the former Liverpool keeper. No wonder Rafa insisted so.

  • Three games with a total of 13 goals... I must confess, I am shocked with such results. We are the once invincible-Arsenal, the expensive-Chelsea that scored 3,4-0 at will. How did this come about? Why we didn't get such results last January because the only huge margin I could remember was against Newscastle with 5-1 win. Then suddenly, after Real Madrid 4-0, we all must be in a shock-but-delighted situation, to humiliate Manchester United in the 4-1 mauling, and then last night, 5-0 against Aston Villa.

  • So my question is : How did Rafa turned things around? Did he change the way he approach the game? As critics persisted (and can be observed also by the fans), Rafa tend to behold his player from going forward and more likely to be on a `cautious' mode. And now, he let loose and that's why we see the real potential of our squad. Wow!

  • Coming back to last night's game, despite of their record lost of 7 games prior to Anfield match, Villa is still very much a team to be reckoned with and are fighting for the no.4 slot against Arsenal. They were not the supposedly-resilient Aston Villa that we knew. My heart is with them because I really want them to gain the 4th spot and deny Arsenal any opportunity. Liverpool could help their cause when LFC meeting Arsenal next month. All Villa need to do is regain their composure and win their remaining games.


Piggy Singh said...

The title hope again becomes alive. However not only we have to win every game, but also something big must happen to the devils, like being infected with cholera or malaria.

Anonymous said...

A wishful thinking,.... hahaha

kajang-today said...

as fate would have it, we'll meet Fulham and Manure would face Villa next. Funny ha?
Games of the victors and the vanquished.



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