10 March 2009

LIVERPOOL 2 - REAL MADRID O (2 wins prediction ... hehehe)

  1. Torres is definitely in, albeit he might not play the whole 90 mins. Benayoun according to the latest reports, is not. I wonder who was the chap who `collided' with him during the warm-up yesterday? One of the defenders, probably? No panic. Benayoun is one of a few in the squad who can alter the game. If he is injured, hopefully he can come back for Saturday.

  2. The other player who has the same ability like Benayoun is Torres, obviously. Of course, both are from a different mould. What I meant is that, if both of them are on top of their games, there would be goals, there would be wins. No Benayoun is okay. We accept the circumstances. But Madrid is aware of Torres. Pepe might have thought that he did a brilliant job in Bernabeu in keeping Torres at bay. But tomorrow at 3.45 am (Malaysian time), Torres will be backed by Anfield and Pepe would be intimidated by the 12th Man.

  3. This game will be beautiful with the return of Wesley Sneijder. I don't really follow Spanish La Liga but I remember he's performance in the Euro 2008. He was not only brilliant in the Dutch team but easily could be one of the best midfielder in the Euro tournament. Of course, like Torres... after Euro many good players had to endure injuries. I love to see him competing against our own tough midfielders of Gerrard, Masherano and Alonso.

  4. I will be working as usual today and should be home by 11pm. My simple target is to get some nap at 12 midnight and reawake at 3.30am. At least, there will be some sleep. This is because at 9am tomorrow I have to do one important test-drive. Can't be sleepy behind the wheels!


John said...

I've just uploaded my version of match preview between these two Giant of European football. Appreciate if you could check out out and let us have your view on the game.

In my opinion, Javier Mascherano will be the main point in today's game. Liverpool will need everything from him to stop Real's offense at all cost.

Furthermore, this will part II in the battle between Mascherano and Fernando Gago. I'm sure Gago, who is a world class player himself is up for this.

Overall I'm sure it will be an exciting match one which Diego Maradona will have his eye on.

Firol said...

Liverpool menang.........

utusanLFC said...

wow John...

Mascherano did a good job doing so in Madrid. Fancy he would repeat the same act.
I must say, one of the most memorable game I saw him played to his uttermost best was last season against Inter Milan. Ibrahimovic was running the ball and you know, this Bosnian-Swedish lad is a tall-lanky guy... and out of nowhere Mascherano with a quick dash, unnoticed by Ibrahimovic and majority of viewers all over the world... stole the ball from his feet. And it wasn't a fluke. He repeated the same funny daring act the whole time. Small, effective and MONSTER MASCH!

And bro Firol,
why don't you join us in admiring the football (Liverpool in particular) and leave the politics to the politician. Lets enjoy our young life. hahaha... No offence! Politics sucks!

Firol said...

Of coz,iam with Liverpool since 1998




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