19 March 2009


Yes, I never congratulate Benayoun eventhough his score at Bernabeu was the beginning of the demise for Real Madrid!

  1. CONTRARY to what the UK newspapers were trying to project or exaggerate, I never doubt that Rafa would eventually penned his extension contract. Today (or Wednesday in UK), he did. Of course the beautiful part of it, the club `relented' after Rafa led the team to a `crazy week' when they beat Real Madrid 4-0 and the supposedly-mighty Man. U 4-1.

  2. But what ever the speculation that have been written about Rafa's willingness to sign or not to sign, Rafa knows very well that his future lies herein with Liverpool and not Real Madrid. The squad that he has built is almost complete... do you think Rafa would easily let someone else gain the credit if so happened that his replacement won something? And do you think Real Madrid is attractive at the moment for Rafa? He may have proven a lot of things when he demolished Mr Ramos's game plan that resulted in a total of 5 goals without answer but as far as we concerned, that result only proves one thing... Rafa is doing the right thing with Liverpool, not other team.

  3. According to the news report also, Rafa has been given the much needed power to close the deal in acquiring the players he wanted for. The case of Garth Barry has been repeated all over again as the turning point for Rafa not to instantly agreed with the contract extension. Then when Rick Parry announced of his departure that we see clearly now how the political manoeuvrings has been moving around Anfield. Much to our relief, the whole campaign didn't spill into global debacle like what happened last year with the stupid Yankees.

  4. To think about it, Rafa is not only a tinkering manager on the pitch but a proven politician when it matters. hmmmm.... FAM should learn from Rafa and Liverpool. There were power struggle, there were animosity and hostility but all of it was kept under the sheet blissfully. Perhaps there were from time to time a story here and there propping out informing us about the crisis but there's nothing earth-shattering like what happened in Newcastle or Chelsea that resulted in managers been sacked midway. Liverpool upper echelon recognised the importance and relevancy of Rafa's managerial skills, thus the issue of sacking him has never been a serious proposition.

  5. The real fact is that Rick Perry has been the out-dated Englishman who seems at odds with the mercurial manager of Spanish origin. He's departure is fine with the fans, albeit we are looking forward more for the stupid Americans to follow suit. Mr Hick and Mr Gillet, please leave Liverpool. Why must you be so stubborn? The Middle East entity has been offering them with quite a reasonable sum, but greedy overtakes wisdom.

  6. What's the purpose of owning a club like Liverpool where you're not welcome? Don't you feel the pain of insults every time you step into Anfield? Don't you have any shame?

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