21 March 2009


  1. HOW we wish that our next opponent in the CL would be Man.U but faith has it own agenda. Thus, save Manure some jittery moment. And what about Chelsea? It has been one too many occasion that we met them. Of course, Chelshit beat us last season when suddenly Drogba came alive in the extra time to score the winning goal. There must be some confident in Chelshit outfit that they think they have a good chance to demolish Liverpool again.

  2. If my information is right, should we beat Chelshit, our next opponent would be Villareal... or Arsenal again. Let's get real, Villareal surely has that firepower to shock Arsene's school boys. Remember Robert Peres? He will be meeting his former team which has no resemblance at all in terms of form compared to Peres's era of the invincible once upon a time in English Premier League. errr... lets come back to our own thing. hehehe

  3. According to the Daily Mail, the form book would appear to favour Liverpool. Not least because they have beaten Chelsea twice in the league this season. But the Champions League form book favours the side that gets to play the second leg at home.

    Liverpool won the first two having first travelled to Stamford Bridge, with Chelsea finally gaining revenge last season having first gone to Anfield.

    Rafa dismissed the idea that his team were at a disadvantage. 'Hopefully it won't make a difference to us that the second leg is away,' he said. 'We have to think about the first game at Anfield with our fans behind us and look to get a positive result to take to Stamford Bridge.

    'We need to make sure we don't make a mistake in the first leg like we did in last year's semi-final. We knew it would be difficult to avoid an English team but we need to approach the two games with confidence. We've done the double over them this season in the league, though these games will be different.'

  4. Chelsea is still a force to be reckoned with, regardless that Liverpool have beat them home & away this season. Though they're the one who must be fretted now, simply because everybody knows how `different' Liverpool is when they play in Europe. Most of them must be feeling a huge relief to avoid the might of Liverpool. At least Chelshit and Barca-loner have expressed their preferences. Well, Barce-loner got their wishes.

  5. Fancy Liverpool will meet Man U in the Final? At least at this point of time, you'll never dream alone for Rome!!!


hidayahnazri said...

tak seronok lgsg jumpe chelsea =.=

Khan said...

If we beat Chelsea, we meet either Bayern or Barcelona. Ours looks like the toughest route yet again...

Khan said...

Liverpool's talismanic supplementary striker Steven Gerrard is due in court today, yet he will only be contesting one of the two cases levelled against him as the assault charge has been dropped.

Gerrard, 28, will still face a charge for affray, relating to an alleged brawl in a Southport night club on December 29 2008.

Seven men in total will appear in court, Gerrard being one of them, for the reported incidents at the Lounge Inn bar.

Gerrard will submit a formal plea, believed to be not-guilty, and then magistrates will decide whether or not to pursue the case in the crown court...


and I was told affray is a more serious charge..

Firol said...

Porto kasi cantas MU...HAHAHAHAHA


hee dink said...

bla la bro..thinks realistik la..don't forget the last meeting...nangis oooo...



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