31 March 2009


One more rumours coming out of Spain today I read... it seems that Samuel Eto'o could be signing for Liverpool this summer... wow. It was a brief story in the Daily Sports. But if that can excite a lot of people, well ..... so be it.
Of course when new players coming in, there will be absolutely those who will have to leave. Below are some of the players that might in your opinion should be shown the way out. Take your pick ! :


1. Yousi Benayoun. Though some might criticized him for not showing his true talents like he did with West Ham, you must understand that this Israeli has not been given many chances in the starting line-up. But when he did... wow! He is devastating. Like against the mighty Real Madrid.

2. Daniel Agger. There were few news report lately saying that Agger will not renew his contract and is looking elsewhere. I still suspect the news is malicious. How can Agger complaint of his limited opportunity when the real reason behind his absence was nothing more than his own injury. I vote for Agger to stay on. C'mon, Carragher won't be in that position forever and you're still 24 years old. Stay on with Liverpool. The fans love ya.

3. Philip Degen. I'm a bit surprised to find this photo in the net. So he did wore the jersey but can anybody tell me which game did he played in and did anyone of you saw the game? Oh My God! He could be one of the worst buy we ever had. He broke his foot in his first training session!
p/s : this is a superimposed photo. The actual player is Arbeloa. I know now.

4. Andrea Dossena. He scored two wonderful goals against Real Madrid and Manchester United. But still scepticism persisted. Sell him!

5. David Ngog. A supposedly young player for the future. At the beginning, I saw the potential in him to which I recalled calling his game as slick as Anelka. He could dribbled and hit the ball hard. But at this point of time, I doubt if Ngog has that capacity to really excelled in Liverpool or even English Premier League that requires speed, blood and blood...

6. Pennant. Mind you he is still a Liverpool employee. aahhh ok... GONE! Bye! Bye!

7. Lucas Leiva. hmm.... Kajang-Today's theory is that when Lucas shortened his hair, his game changed dramatically. I still defending Lucas because there is a time when you can see he is a world-class player and of course, there were times you wished that he stay on the bench.

So guys, did I missed anyone? I cursed you guys if any of you nominate Samy Hyppia.... hehehe

30 March 2009

Azizulhasni Awang : Another Shocking Win with a Silver medal

wow!... it's getting better!
Look at Azizulhasni's size compare to his two rivals. This is what we called against all odds!

from Utusan Malaysia sport page today, this is the excerpt :

Satu lagi sejarah baru tercipta apabila jaguh pecut berbasikal trek negara, Azizulhasni Awang berjaya menyumbang pingat perak menerusi acara pecut pada Kejohanan Dunia, semalam.

Selepas Rizal Tisin meraih gangsa menerusi acara 1km ujian masa, kelmarin Azizulhasni memberi kegembiraan berganda buat Malaysia yang tidak pernah menang pingat pada Kejohanan Dunia dalam sejarah lebih 50 tahun sukan lumba basikal negara.

Walaupun bukan pingat emas tetapi ia sudah cukup membanggakan terutama kejayaannya layak ke perlumbaan akhir di samping menewaskan jaguh-jaguh handalan dunia di Pruzskow, Poland ini.

(Read my earlier posting on Rizal Tisin unprecedented win below)

29 March 2009



  1. Mohd Rizal Tisin made history to hand Malaysia their first ever world championships medal with bronze in a time of 1:01.658 in Pruszkow, Poland, on Friday.

  2. I saw the news a couple of nights ago but yesterday was a `family day' for me, thus I didn't bother to switch on the computer at all. But the interview with Rizal was really touching. It is surely a remarkable achievement by a Malaysian, physically short and small - compared to his European rivals but yet he managed to gain the bronze medal. This made him the 3rd best in the world in the sprint event.

  3. The TV interview, made me bursts with tears. Well, call me sentimental but I think it is appropriate to say that I am sharing his achievement and understand the sacrifices that he had to endure to be the top 3 sprinter cyclist in the world. Rizal dedicated his bronze to his mother who is not well at his family's home in Klang, Selangor. He was desperate for words and that made the whole episode stuck in my mind til today and prompted me to post about it - in this Liverpool blog. I think you guys won't mind because aside than our obsession with anything related to Liverpool Football Club, we could use some positive doses of our fellow Malaysian success in the general sporting event.

  4. To think about it, I have been postponing my return to cycling from one day to another. It has been nearly 6 months since I last cycle seriously, jungle tracking into one last hill of palm oil plantation a few km from my home. I noticed that the neighbouring plantation has been cleared since early of this year. hmmm... more homes to be built and become harder for mountain bikers like me. I am a bit reluctant to join the bigger groupings that really go cross country on their weekends. They may scaled up to a minimum of 40km to which I don't think I can sustained. The most I did was 12 km in a single shot. hahaha...

  5. Perhaps, with Rizal Tisin's win can give some inspiration for me to restart, to rejuvenate my cycling. Though he's on the track and mine is in the jungle, I hope I can return to my pedal in April. I sincerely hope I can. SYABAS RIZAL! You make us all proud!

LSCM told us to keep the faith, and somewhat realistic

Manchester United oh I hate you!
How could it happened to a supposedly the most potent defence to the most popular club in the world? Gera was left unattended and what was Rio doing next to van der Saar? Plain stupid, I say.

This is how it looks like at the Manchester United's bench after Gera's scored confirming the scum's back to back losses. Beautiful sight!

We have always flattered to deceive. Impressive wins over bigger opponents have more often than not been followed by heartbreaking losses against the minnows. Have we managed to escape this cycle?

According to NANTHA KUMAR (LSCM), the defeat to Middlesbrough still rankles. On February 28, 2009, Boro were in no hurry to get a draw never mind an improbable win on their own patch. They were fortune that Liverpool too shared their ambition.

The 0-2 defeat sent the Reds’ chances of winning their 19th title out of the window and we suitably produced an editorial that reflected the end of the chase for the championship.

Nothing has changed -and this may come as a shock to most readers. The scum are still capable of winning all their games and we are reliant on results heading our way if we were to continue to be in the hunt.

These are facts. There have been instances that we never looked like champions-material. At the same time, we were certainly punching above our weight and taking our chances well.

These factors alone, of course, are not good enough to win us the title. Rafael Benitez has certainly forged the team spirit required to go far and imbued the players with confidence.
The body language of the players say that they are up for it and words and deeds have supported it. There is a real team at Anfield right now, one that is not reliant on stars such as Steven Gerrard and Ferando Torres.

Gerrard deserves all the plaudits for the Reds’ 5-0 demolition of Aston Villa on Sunday. It is also possible, however, that we could have won with goals from Dirk Kuyt and Alberto Rieira as such was our dominance.

Jose Reina marked his 100th clean sheet in 197 games in style by singlehandedly keeping us in the game in the first half. Javier Mascherano ran himself ragged again while the flank backs, Fabiano Aurelio and Alvaro Arbeloa, demonstrated the importance of the Reds keeping them fit.
Dirk Kuyt was instrumental in settling our nerves in such a vital game with his 8th minute goal that was struck with such venom.The Dutchman pretty much symbolises Benitez’s Reds: diligent and deadly.

The Villa victory smashed a couple of myths: we have now shown that we could take on and humble he high and mighty in successive games - and get down to business with the clubs below us is in the league.

We have also made a mockery of another supposition that Benitez will lose us the title for being cautious by chalking up 50 league goals before the perennial media darlings such as the scum, Arsenal and Chelsea.

Benitez is gradually cajoling us to review all those messages of doom. We would know in the next few weeks whether we dare see the Reds’rise as a signal to dream the impossible dream. Until then, feet on the ground, please.

27 March 2009


Hi...yo SILVA!.....

  1. You wake up in the morning, had a simple breakfast and turned-on the computer. Scroll the football pages and YEAHHHH... there's some good news. Liverpool is eyeing for David Silva, one of the most interesting player in a Spanish outfit that worked wonders in the Euro 2008.

  2. Albeit it's just a speculation because it would need lots and lots of persuasion to convince Valencia and the player himself to join us (having half of his Spanish teammates in Anfield would be a plus factor). If it's too expensive, surely Rafa would be pissed-off. And there's another issue of other clubs that are chasing him too like the oil rich Man.City and the ever-popular Real Madrid. I hope Rafa's credential would convince Silva that his future would be with Liverpool.

  3. David Josué Jiménez Silva (born 8 January 1986 in Arguineguin, Las Palmas) is a Spanish footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder for Valencia CF and the Spanish national team. A versatile and skilled player, Silva is capable of playing on either side of midfield, or as a traditional number 10. A player of slight build, he is often compared to Pablo Aimar, the player he replaced at Valencia, also donning Aimar's trademark number 21.

  4. Silva made his professional debut in 2004-05 at Segunda División's SD Eibar, on loan from Valencia CF, playing 35 league games and scoring on 5 occasions. In the following season he was again loaned, to Celta de Vigo, where he played 34 matches scoring 4 goals. After two late substitute appearances, the first in a 2-0 home win over Málaga CF, on August 28, 2005, Silva finished as an undisputed starter, as the Galician side reached the UEFA Cup straight from the second-tier.

  5. On June 21, 2007, Silva signed a seven-year contract at Valencia, further cementing his place as one of the club's leading players and brightest prospects, alongside David Villa, Joaquin Sanchez, Vicente Rodriguez, Manuel Fernandes, Juan Mata and Raúl Albiol. In two seasons combined, he only missed six matches while netting 14 goals (his first coming on November 5, 2006, in a 1-1 draw at RCD Espanyol).

  6. After not having appeared in the first three months of 2008-09 due to an ankle ailment, Silva returned to the call-ups in mid-December. On January 3, 2009, he scored twice in a 3-1 home win over Atlético de Madrid.

  7. If Silva does comes in, who in the current squad must leave then?


But Liverpool boss Benitez has ruled out a move for the 23-year-old and told Liverpoolfc.tv: 'We will not be signing him.'

However the Spaniard insists the club is looking at identifying potential targets for next season.

26 March 2009


Cari Kat Padang Besar laaa...
WAY WAY better than the grey colour we have this season...

TATA NANO vs PROTON : What's the different?


  1. This is not a sophisticated car, obviously and it is not a complicated one. It is built for a lose purpose : for the RAKYAT. In this case, it is for millions of Indian that roam the busy street of Mumbai, New Delhi etc etc. It is designed to replace motorcycle or vespa or what three-wheels vehicle they have there and by having a car such as Nano, at least no one gets wet or exposed to those carbons. A simple car it is.

  2. So when Proton come up with its product, why can't most people relate to the Tata's philosophy? As our income per capita is better than India, we have to analyse the situation correctly within our Malaysian sphere. Same like Nano which was built for Indian's poor; Proton is design, built and sold for Malaysian.

  3. I'm a bit frustrated to hear people questioning the wisdom of having our own national car company. Those people questions everything. The most popular topic for bashing is the quality. Surely we would laugh to see the first thing people do when they see a new Proton product is to slam on the door. I hardly see people do the same with Toyota or Honda. Oh! That's because they say those Japanese brands are already proven.

  4. Oh My God! What's the different with Proton? They are also semi-Japanese, trained by Mitsubishi (now by Lotus, too). Did they think the Proton engineers studied in Papua New Guinea in automotive? Oh My God!

  5. I can't wait for the launching of Proton Exora. For those who love to hate Proton, I can assure you the quality built is on par with the other brands.

25 March 2009

PDRM : A cool patrol car that can chase any rempit !!!


aaahh... this is one car that I don't have to tell you what it is. In January, while driving along PLUS Hiway in Malacca, I saw this police car. I assumed it was on a testing period. It could have been driven well over 200 kph. So fast... so furious!
But it is pretty impressive looking and surely gives our police a new image. Cun lah wei....


This is my 2nd article on Proton Exora published on 21 march 2009

This is not an ancient photo. This was taken during our test-drive on 12 March 2009. I deliberately reformat the photo because I still shy to show my face. hihihihihihi......

Proton Exora
Menanti 14 April

TERNYATA tarikan dan minat orang ramai terhadap kenderaan pelbagai guna (MPV) Proton Exora bukan sembarangan. Setelah ulasan pertama tersiar dalam Mingguan Malaysia pada 15 Mac lalu, penulis menerima banyak pertanyaan.

Harus diingatkan lagi bahawa uji-pandu wartawan minggu lepas tertakluk kepada perjanjian dengan Proton Berhad yang mensyaratkan tiada penyiaran gambar penuh Exora, sehingga hari pelancaran rasminya pada 14 April depan.

Gambar yang dibenarkan pun hanya sekerat dan yang lain-lain adalah gambar yang diguna oleh Proton dalam pengiklanannya. Namun, tentu ramai yang sudah melihat rupa sempurna Exora yang disiarkan di muka depan Utusan Malaysia pada 28 Januari lalu.

Justeru menyaksikan lebih 1,000 tempahan telah diterima oleh Proton di seluruh negara - yang dibuat oleh orang ramai tanpa melihat, menyentuh apalagi memandu ujinya. Inilah cinta sejati kepada produk nasional.

Dalam artikel Mingguan Malaysia tempoh hari, penulis hanya menyentuh tiga aspek yang menjadi persoalan penting di kepala orang ramai. Prestasi enjin, keluasan kabin dan sistem gantungan (suspension).

Daripada sudut dimensi, Exora adalah lebih panjang dan lebar berbanding Toyota Innova iaitu panjang Exora 4,592 mm manakala Innova 4,580 mm dan lebar Exora 1,809 mm berbanding Innova 1,770 mm.

Dalam konteks ini, ramai yang masih bertanya mengenai rupa sebenar Exora. Apakah ia menyerupai Toyota Wish atau Mitsubishi Grandis? Jawapannya ialah bentuk MPV menyebabkan Exora tidak boleh lari jauh daripada MPV-MPV lain. Beza ketara ialah reka bentuk lampu depannya. Ia berbonjol mirip lampu Honda Accord generasi ke-8. Mudahnya dipanggil 'mata timbul'. Dan atur letak lampu belakangnya juga menarik, malah menyamai Grandis kerana ia tersusun hingga ke paras bumbung.

Atas faktor saiz dan reka bentuknya yang besar jugalah, ia memberi jaminan ruang dalaman kabin yang memuaskan. Inilah yang dimaksudkan bila kumpulan wartawan yang tinggi antara 5 kaki 7 dan lebih 6 kaki, serta ada yang berbadan besar bulat masih mampu menikmati keselesaan di barisan kerusi ketiga.

Semasa duduk di kerusi penumpang depan, penulis dapat menghayati lebih lama dan tekun reka bentuk panel pemukanya. Menurut rakan penulis, terdapat tiga benda sahaja yang 'diwarisi' dari model Proton lain iaitu butang kawalan disusun lurus dan butang pusing kawalan pendingin hawa diambil dari Waja, meter binnacle dari Saga dan kotak jam dari Persona.

Elemen baru di sini termasuk panel meter bercahaya (seperti paparan Optitron pada kereta Toyota) sistem audionya menggunakan jenama Clarion yang memiliki ciri terkini yang perlu ada pada sebuah radio.

Ia boleh memainkan sekeping cakera padat dan bagi varian Hi-Line, ia boleh memainkan DVD dengan skrin DVD di belakang bumbung pemandu. Radionya mempunyai pelbagai format, USB, SD, MMC dan boleh menerima panggilan secara Bluetooth.

Bagi varian Hi-Line juga, selain pemain DVD tersebut, pembeli juga akan menikmati kerusi bersarung kulit, tempat rehat tangan pada pemandu dan juga tempat rehat kepala pada baris ketiga.

Proton juga memperkenalkan sistem baru yang digelar Modul Kawalan Badan iaitu sekumpulan fungsi mikro yang meningkatkan keselamatan dan keselesaan.

Antara ciri unik ialah lampu kecemasan yang akan bernyala bila anda membrek cemas, pintu akan secara automatik melepaskan kunci semasa berlaku pelanggaran, masuk tanpa menggunakan kunci dan lain-lain.

Kerangka badannya pula adalah susulan daripada teknologi badan Savvy yang dibina kukuh tetapi untuk Exora ia dibina lebih besar dan teguh bagi menepati ciri-ciri sebuah MPV.

Mengenai keupayaan enjin 1.6 Campro CPS, mengikut statistik enjin ini mampu menjana kuasa 125 kuasa kuda dengan kuasa terjahan 150 Nm serta diperkasa oleh transmisi automatik Mitsubishi 4 kelajuan atau manual 5 kelajuan.

Pandu-uji dengan muatan tujuh orang minggu lalu, telah membuktikan enjin tidak berdepan banyak masalah untuk mendaki Genting Sempah, apalagi meluncur di Lebuh raya Pantai Timur dari Shah Alam menuju ke Lanchang, Pahang.

Pendakian lebih lancar menggunakan transmisi manual dan mungkin transmisi automatik ada sedikit berat, tetapi ia tidak bermakna Exora ini akan mati enjin di tengah-tengah jalan bukit!.

Tangki penuh Proton Exora ialah 55 liter. Untuk sebuah MPV 1.6 liter, secara matematiknya ia menawarkan kadar penggunaan bahan api yang munasabah terutama bagi perjalanan dalam bandar.

Exora akan ditawarkan dalam pilihan enam warna dan dua varian iaitu Hi-Line (dijangka sekitar RM75,000) dan M-Line (sekitar RM71,000). Harga yang munasabah sebegini dan spesifikasi Exora yang berkualiti serta menepati ciri-ciri sebuah MPV sebenar, pasti menjadikannya satu lagi produk laris Proton, selepas Persona. Bagaimana kalau Proton membina trak pikap pula selepas ini?

© UTUSAN MELAYU (M) BERHAD, 46M, Jalan Lima Off Jalan Chan Sow Lin, 55200 Kuala Lumpur

24 March 2009


I can only identify 4 Liverpool players and where is Torres? (he is sponsored by Nike...)

Proton Exora : Affordable MPV, yet fit for all

  1. I supposed most of you have read the previews written by selected members of the media on Proton Exora. It has been published in print and electronic. I was one of the lucky invitees on March 12th. My first article came out on Sunday 15th March in Mingguan Malaysia, then the second article on Saturday 21 March in WOW pull-out of Utusan Malaysia.

  2. Those test-drives and the subsequent write-up were bound with a certain promises that we won't published the whole-body of Proton Exora, for reasons related to the official launch next month by our new Prime Minister.

  3. However, much to my amazement, those who have a blog or web site seems to be immune from the directive. So what the hall man... I have my semi-motoring blog here (don't worry Liverpool fans alike, this is still a dedicated one for LFC), so below is some of the photos. I don't think it is harmful because the car is everywhere now and many photos have been taken by the public. And furthermore, it is still a good free publicity.

  4. Well, I'm not gonna write more about the test-drive because it is 1am already now. So enjoy the photos.

heyyy..... that's me on the driver seat! hahaha.... this is my blog, I have the right to gloat on my own here ! hahahaha

23 March 2009

LFC 5 - ASTON VILLA 0 (hmmm... could have been more!)

  • I don't quite remember if I had watch a team demolished quite literally like Aston Villa last night. There were little sense of fighting back and even when they do (Carew's headers.... twice!) it didn't really bothers Pepe Reina, though it has to take a world-class keeper like him to avoid the ball from going in! But again, Villa was totally annihilated.

  • Then of course, even though the score line has reach 5, somehow we can see that it could have been more. Every time LFC going forward, it would ended in a serious attack, be it a goal or a great save by the former Liverpool keeper. No wonder Rafa insisted so.

  • Three games with a total of 13 goals... I must confess, I am shocked with such results. We are the once invincible-Arsenal, the expensive-Chelsea that scored 3,4-0 at will. How did this come about? Why we didn't get such results last January because the only huge margin I could remember was against Newscastle with 5-1 win. Then suddenly, after Real Madrid 4-0, we all must be in a shock-but-delighted situation, to humiliate Manchester United in the 4-1 mauling, and then last night, 5-0 against Aston Villa.

  • So my question is : How did Rafa turned things around? Did he change the way he approach the game? As critics persisted (and can be observed also by the fans), Rafa tend to behold his player from going forward and more likely to be on a `cautious' mode. And now, he let loose and that's why we see the real potential of our squad. Wow!

  • Coming back to last night's game, despite of their record lost of 7 games prior to Anfield match, Villa is still very much a team to be reckoned with and are fighting for the no.4 slot against Arsenal. They were not the supposedly-resilient Aston Villa that we knew. My heart is with them because I really want them to gain the 4th spot and deny Arsenal any opportunity. Liverpool could help their cause when LFC meeting Arsenal next month. All Villa need to do is regain their composure and win their remaining games.


After Liverpool’s biggest league victory since Derby County lost 6-0 at Anfield 18 months ago, BenÍtez explained why he was not smiling. “I wanted more goals,” he said.
“Don’t get me wrong, I am really happy. The players are doing a fantastic job, but always can improve a little bit.”

* Taken independently from THE DAILY SPORTS

22 March 2009

Less than 4 hours to go... can't wait to beat Aston Villa


  1. I had a quite relaxing Sunday today. Done some house cleaning, though to my nightmare, my hibiscus are infected by the fungus. Darned. I have to cut off the affected branch and it now doesn't resembles a tree at all. My heart is bleeding. Yes, I am an hibiscus enthusiast. I have about 13 trees that I plant in front of my house. It's a no-man's land. I have hybrid but my advice to you is AVOID it. So difficult to grow because of the hybrid nature. I have lost 2 hybrid. Each costs me RM18. After that experience, I opted for locally breed hibiscus. Unfortunately now, it is under attack by fungus. The `white phosphorous'.

  2. After reading one too many melancholy stories on Man U's demised by Fulham, I think I had enough today. The suckers will be depleted for the next game... also with Aston Villa. Manure won't be having Rooney, Vidic and Scholes. Go Villa, reap your points at Odd Trafford. But at Anfield tonight, sorry. The 3 points will be ours. hehehe...

  3. Hmmm.... What shall I do til 11.55pm?

Man. U collapsed at the hand of a tiny Fulham

Stupid Scholes forgotten that it was van de Sar's job to handle the ball, not him!


  1. Frankly, I didn't bother to watch football tonight. Our game is tomorrow night. But just as clumsy behaviour, my finger press on 813 channel. ehhh... Fulham 1 - Manure 0. Waaaa... suddenly the initial intention to watch RONIN... diminished. This is too good to be true. A small club, owned by a super-upped-market Al-Fayed is leading. Then from time to time the commentators mentioned about the supposedly golden boys of Manure... Ronaldo or Rooney who could score at the dying minute. But that beautiful takraw kick from Zoltan Gera (sounds like a character from the movie `Dude! Where's My Car?'....) kill off Manure. According to news reports, this is the first back to back lost since April 2005. Thank you to our former midfielder, Mr Danny Murphy.

  2. Remember his free kick (twice) that also downed Manure in 2001/2002? He must be smiling now thinking that he has the extra special power to beat Manure when ever they met. wow!

  3. I didn't see how did the penalty was decided and only when the game's ended they show what had happened. Another goalkeeper pretender was the culprit. Mr Scholes is supposedly a decorated-high profile player for Manure. Until now, no one dares to label him as old player who ought to be replaced by a younger player. No one dares to say that he costs his team 3 points. To which all of us, the rest of the world who hates Manure - would like to say a very big Thank You.

  4. For no apparent reason, after losing the ball, Rooney decided to pull Decort's short pant. Thus the yellow card. This is highly unlikely of an England striker. What kind of play is he trying to justify by doing so? The right to have a yellow card and then pretending to be a volleyball player, thus the 2nd yellow card = red card. This has been a funny 7 days for Manure. 4-1 drubbing by Liverpool last Saturday and tonight, 2-0 by a nonchalant squad like Fulham.

  5. There is no attempt to register any sympathy here. Chelsea also lost to Tottenham Hotspur. Chelsea could have been beaten severely if not for the bad finishing by the likes of err.... every one on the front line of Tottenham. The passing is good. The crossing by that tiny Lennon most of the time were lethal. But no finishing. Luckily, they had the solitary goal that spells a good opening for Liverpool of not only to regain its 2nd position but also making a good inroads for the top spot. It is now clearly only 4 points. Did someone say that it is impossible for Manure to lose any game and they are a sure champion, soon after Liverpool met an accident at Middlesboro, quite not too long ago? Well, my advice for you now... be very afraid. Very afraid of your own prediction as Liverpool has regain its rhythm and fine form.

  6. So Gerrard is facing a more serious charges? hmmm.... I can't comment until I understand what is really going on in the UK court. Until then, nothing should overshadow Liverpool's determination to win the championship this season. You'll Never Walk Alone.

21 March 2009


  1. HOW we wish that our next opponent in the CL would be Man.U but faith has it own agenda. Thus, save Manure some jittery moment. And what about Chelsea? It has been one too many occasion that we met them. Of course, Chelshit beat us last season when suddenly Drogba came alive in the extra time to score the winning goal. There must be some confident in Chelshit outfit that they think they have a good chance to demolish Liverpool again.

  2. If my information is right, should we beat Chelshit, our next opponent would be Villareal... or Arsenal again. Let's get real, Villareal surely has that firepower to shock Arsene's school boys. Remember Robert Peres? He will be meeting his former team which has no resemblance at all in terms of form compared to Peres's era of the invincible once upon a time in English Premier League. errr... lets come back to our own thing. hehehe

  3. According to the Daily Mail, the form book would appear to favour Liverpool. Not least because they have beaten Chelsea twice in the league this season. But the Champions League form book favours the side that gets to play the second leg at home.

    Liverpool won the first two having first travelled to Stamford Bridge, with Chelsea finally gaining revenge last season having first gone to Anfield.

    Rafa dismissed the idea that his team were at a disadvantage. 'Hopefully it won't make a difference to us that the second leg is away,' he said. 'We have to think about the first game at Anfield with our fans behind us and look to get a positive result to take to Stamford Bridge.

    'We need to make sure we don't make a mistake in the first leg like we did in last year's semi-final. We knew it would be difficult to avoid an English team but we need to approach the two games with confidence. We've done the double over them this season in the league, though these games will be different.'

  4. Chelsea is still a force to be reckoned with, regardless that Liverpool have beat them home & away this season. Though they're the one who must be fretted now, simply because everybody knows how `different' Liverpool is when they play in Europe. Most of them must be feeling a huge relief to avoid the might of Liverpool. At least Chelshit and Barca-loner have expressed their preferences. Well, Barce-loner got their wishes.

  5. Fancy Liverpool will meet Man U in the Final? At least at this point of time, you'll never dream alone for Rome!!!

19 March 2009


Yes, I never congratulate Benayoun eventhough his score at Bernabeu was the beginning of the demise for Real Madrid!

  1. CONTRARY to what the UK newspapers were trying to project or exaggerate, I never doubt that Rafa would eventually penned his extension contract. Today (or Wednesday in UK), he did. Of course the beautiful part of it, the club `relented' after Rafa led the team to a `crazy week' when they beat Real Madrid 4-0 and the supposedly-mighty Man. U 4-1.

  2. But what ever the speculation that have been written about Rafa's willingness to sign or not to sign, Rafa knows very well that his future lies herein with Liverpool and not Real Madrid. The squad that he has built is almost complete... do you think Rafa would easily let someone else gain the credit if so happened that his replacement won something? And do you think Real Madrid is attractive at the moment for Rafa? He may have proven a lot of things when he demolished Mr Ramos's game plan that resulted in a total of 5 goals without answer but as far as we concerned, that result only proves one thing... Rafa is doing the right thing with Liverpool, not other team.

  3. According to the news report also, Rafa has been given the much needed power to close the deal in acquiring the players he wanted for. The case of Garth Barry has been repeated all over again as the turning point for Rafa not to instantly agreed with the contract extension. Then when Rick Parry announced of his departure that we see clearly now how the political manoeuvrings has been moving around Anfield. Much to our relief, the whole campaign didn't spill into global debacle like what happened last year with the stupid Yankees.

  4. To think about it, Rafa is not only a tinkering manager on the pitch but a proven politician when it matters. hmmmm.... FAM should learn from Rafa and Liverpool. There were power struggle, there were animosity and hostility but all of it was kept under the sheet blissfully. Perhaps there were from time to time a story here and there propping out informing us about the crisis but there's nothing earth-shattering like what happened in Newcastle or Chelsea that resulted in managers been sacked midway. Liverpool upper echelon recognised the importance and relevancy of Rafa's managerial skills, thus the issue of sacking him has never been a serious proposition.

  5. The real fact is that Rick Perry has been the out-dated Englishman who seems at odds with the mercurial manager of Spanish origin. He's departure is fine with the fans, albeit we are looking forward more for the stupid Americans to follow suit. Mr Hick and Mr Gillet, please leave Liverpool. Why must you be so stubborn? The Middle East entity has been offering them with quite a reasonable sum, but greedy overtakes wisdom.

  6. What's the purpose of owning a club like Liverpool where you're not welcome? Don't you feel the pain of insults every time you step into Anfield? Don't you have any shame?

16 March 2009


Both were former Everton fan but Carra has proven he is now anything but.

Look at Rooney's face... hahaha...

I'm sure everyone of us had a good time yesterday poking fun at Man U fans. One great loud speaker of Man U in my office was positively shut-off and was advice to jump off the building or the river behind our office. The banters continue while we were watching Datuk Lee Chong Wei's game. Almost everyone rooting for Malaysia and some one at the back... yesss... feels like beating Man U again. Then laughter cracks all around.

But this morning, reality check to every one. It was heaven, it was a hell of a joy we had on Saturday when LFC beat Man U 4:1. But last night, another challenger is also making a progress. Chelsea managed to beat Man City. Albeit by a margin of 1 goal. But a win is a win equals 3 points. This effectively reduce us back to no.3 in the chart. It is simply Chelsea had more goals than us. About 5 goals.

I am a bit alarmed to see all the news reporting, quoting Rafa that LFC can beat anybody now. Yes the momentum is great, the confidence is huge and the hunger is like never before. But reality check is that, not only we have to `pray' for Man U's failure but also fan-off Chelsea's competition. This is 3 prong fight. And it would be a tough fight.

I am not pessimist. Never be, never like it. I just don't want people to get overboard with this win. Lets enjoy the win accordingly. Lets brag to Man U that we beat them 4:1. But do we need to shout that we can win every time? Relax and calm down. Liverpool way is never an arrogance one. We are humble, yet great. We are subtle, yet tremendous. Don't go Mourinho way. Instead of admirers, Chelsea was infested also by haters. Liverpool must not go down the road. We must stay humble.

15 March 2009


What are you waiting for? Go home. Go cry.

Gerrard... you left you're grossy kissed on the camera! hahaha.... No...no I'm not enticed...
  1. Ok this salutation will not take the whole page. It would be brief and powerful, I intend to prove. Salute to Torres - as his slickness did Vidic a horrific mistake. The equaliser crumbles the supposedly stonewall defence and created panic. Thus the harsh challenge on Gerrard - for the penalty. Another dash of panic shown by the Man U defence, resulting in the red card for Vidic. But don't take away the beauty of Aurelio's freekick. How many time this season anyone can fooled Van de Sar?

  2. But my cynical thoughts for Man U is reserved for another Dossena's unlikely goal. This is Coup de' Grace for Man U. As happened in the Real Madrid demolition, everyone (even the most ardent Liverpool fan) cannot help to hide their astonishment, amazement and shock with Dossena's goal. He repeat the 4th goal last night. And again, it was no tapped-in. It was Messi's technique... chipped over Van de Sar.

  3. It was like at 3-1, Man U is already dead, Dossena's goal is like another shot to Man.U's mouth. Just like a mafia execution. And Dossena is from Italy (but this doesn't imply him to be one of the wiseguy... hahaha), he was just a wise player, at the right time and scored the right way. SALUTE! SALUTE! DON DOSSENA!

I hate myself for saying I hate Liverpool.... SUIT YOU FINE, MR ROONEY!

14 March 2009


The most-hated Manure cum Evertonian fat boy photo is taken independently from charliegillett.com

We tend to build games against the scum to such heights that when the disappointment hits, we are at the lowest rung of morale. The match tonight is no exception. Should we read too much into the result?

There are not many Liverpool fans who, not surprisingly, would readily agree that the Reds, under Rafael Benitez, have over achieved. But would any other club have managed our record - two defeats in 28 league games - with uncertainties engulfing the club every other month? A club like Arsenal would love to have it and we must be grateful that we have not been completely sunk by now.

It is with this perspective that we need to approach the game against the scum. The pragmatists within our circle have always assumed that we will stumble along the race for the title - regardless of the advantage that we had. The difference between the scum and us is that they have actual strength indepth. The resources available to them - they are the richest club in the world- make it impossible for us to compete with them on a level playing field.

We complain about Lucas Leiva without looking at the impact a similar transfer signing has at other clubs. In May 2007, when the scum splashed out £18million on Anderson, we paid a meagre £6m for our Brazilian. None have bothered to point out that Anderson has slipped out of the radar at Gold Trafford. The scum can afford to write off their losses just as they did with the £32.5m they blew on Juan SebastianVeron.

Everything would be rosy if we are in a winning form; the world comes crashing down if we are not. And the same logic, it would seem, applies to the game against the scum. Apparently, a defeat will end any hopes that we had in recapturing the title we last won in Season 1989/90.
Hand on your heart now: did you really expect us to be challenging the scum at this stage of the season? There was a time when defeating the scum proved to be a highlight of our season, which is exactly how Everton fans feel about beating us.

We are not Everton and Benitez has given us a lot to look forward to in March and April. These used to be the months when even a tilt at the FA Cup had looked ambitious. And here we are, still in the running for the title - a long distance struggle it must be said - and Champions League glory.

We have beaten Chelsea twice this season and let the scum go with a respectable score line. The shifting of the goal posts in the Premiership era is such that these results guarantee nothing. This is where the work starts.

This article is taken from LSCM e-newsletter.



The GOLDEN Team of Kenny Daglish

The GOLDEN Team of Kenny Daglish
If we have them now, say farewell to Arsenal, Man.U and Chelsea... if...