27 December 2011


Usually you see the photo of the gate from the front view. This one is from behind. Just to show that I'm inside the Anfield at the time. hehehe...

Inside the VIP lounge. Very nice wall photo. Very nice, indeed!

Fooling around at the press conference hall, used by the manager to speak to the press pre-match.

You should know by now who is my favourite player of all. Carra is the epitome of Liverpool FC spirit. 

No, this wasn't the visiting team in the players changing room. 

A very proud fan with his captain jersey.

The hall way adjacent to the players changing room. Visible in the TV prior to the players walking into the pitch.

Post-match press conference room. So who's your MAN OF THE MATCH?

This special bin meant for those who loves to chew gum. Anyone in your mind? I give you a hint, he rules a club not that far from Liverpool but it's not Everton.

The first seat is meant for Kenny Dalglish but you know he never sat during the match. It's damned cold, by the way!

A huge memorial mosaic for the Hillborough tragedy victims. YNWA .

In the museum with the replica of the 5th European Champions Cup. The original is kept in Melwood.

This is the front view of the official club superstore in L1. And I spend a big deal of time here.

This was taken in the morning of the match day on 10 December 2011. It was full-housed.

In the VIP lounge, this wine bottle attracted our attention. Since  I'm not a drinker, I can't tell you how it is taste.

Courtesy of Standard Chartered Bank.

The Malaysian media contingent led by Standard Chartered Bank 's Malaysia Country Head of Corporate Affairs, Mdm Norliza Kamaruddin (centre), flanked by (from left) myself, Zainal Abidin Rawop, Jagdev Singh Sidhu and Shaiful @ Bob at the Kop's corner in Anfield, 9 December 2011.


yusrizal said...

this is super cool stuff..cant wait for my visit this coming march..

utusanlfc (Johardy Ibrahim) said...

Well done bro! An experience that will never die before you die!



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