29 December 2011

Suarez's middle finger to FA

A friend is selling the t-shirt wore by Suarez and the squad during the match warmed-up against Wigan. I have ordered 20 set. Do you want it? Offer valid in Malaysia only. 

Like most of Liverpool FC fans all over the globe, the latest ban on Luis Suarez is utterly baffling. That would be a bias point of view, said those who doesn't believe in YNWA's concept. After all, the English FA got the video evidence.

However, we have to question the FA's consistency in handling such cases. I don't have to list here many other instances where players from powerfully influential club such as Manchester United or Arsenal and Chelsea were let loose by the FA. I have enough of 'bias' word thrown to me (not that would hurting me at all...)

The club has issued their concerned that Suarez could be handed a total of 10 matches ban. It would worried some since Suarez has become our favourite, even though he's not scoring that much. Suarez will have to miss the New year's Eve match against Newcastle, probably forcing Kenny Dalglish to alter his game plan.

I'm not in the mood to analyse the pre-match thingy. Some of you could be a bit worried that the squad without Suarez, would be struggling. But let me remind you again, in the absence of Suarez, we will still be as strong as we should be, because we have Steve Gerrard - coming back from long injuries.

Gerrard showed his golden touch in his hardly 25mins playing time as a sub in the mysteriously-failed-to-win match against Blackburn. I'm not sure if the gaffer would start Gerrard in the Newcastle game. There is niggling concerned that the mistake of this year could haunt him back. Gerrard was rushed to play in the Manchester United match only to sustained injuries that would last him for over six months. He even missed the LFC tour to Malaysia in July.

The latest ban on Suarez, some how making him an easy target by the media. Already he is called The Bad Boy. hmmm... what ever.

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