15 December 2011

Say NO to Fernando Torres's U-Turn to Anfield

This Anti Fernando Torres sign is seen in a shop near Anfield Stadium in Liverpool. 02/02/2011 (metro.co.uk)

  1. INCITED by the UK media claiming that Chelsea is ready to sale Fernando Torres for a mere £20 million (that is more than 55% of his original selling price by Liverpool to Chelsea in January at £50 million), the whole cybersphere were buzzing with the news.

  2. Among the LFC die hard fans, apparently there are many still sane and holding tight to our honour, thus objecting to any notions for the returning of Torres to LFC... be it £20 million or £2 !!!...

  3. Some queried me: what's the different with the departure of Ian Rush to an Italian club in 1980's and his returned to Anfield after a season. My simple response is that Rush left our club with hopes in our heart, unlike Torres who we asked for his wisdom to stay put and help to rejuvenate the club in times of need. He left even it has been announced of the imminent arrival of the new club owner and the appointment of Kenny Dalglish.

  4. Torres thought Chelsea will give him the opportunity to win some medals. Look what happened now? Not only that he is so far away from getting any medal, but also quite a distance from the pitch. In the last match against Manchester City, Torres was benched and was never in AVB's plan.

  5. For every misses chance and failure of him to score in every match, majority of the Liverpool fans are laughing if not silently or just shrugged off the news altogether. I'm not bothered and I don't care if he scores or not. He failed to do so when Chelsea met Liverpool recently. And that is a good thing. HAHAHA

  6. Perhaps, I shouldn't join the hysteria bandwagon. Perhaps it is best to leave the story as it is. It was a mere speculation from the UK media and Dalglish himself refused to comment to such question in his press conference today. So there is no point to ponder on speculations.

  7. But I shall use this opportunity to state my personal position in this matter: Fernando Torres shouldn't be allowed to rejoin Liverpool for the sin he did to us. He jumped the boat. He left us when we need him most.

  8. And based on his current performance, he can't score and there is no guarantee that he'll score if he is readmitted into the squad. Yes, it is true the partnership between Torres and Steven Gerrard was one hell of a fire that enable Torres to register 50 goals in such a short time he's in the English Premier League but the sin is too much for me to ignore.

  9. My unassertive position towards Torres could be different if he join a club in Spain or anywhere else other than England. The bloody cursed of all is that Torres joined our rival. Yes the business transaction brought us some monetary acumen but as a fan, who cares? As a fan, we want loyalty from the star players to the club, as much as we the fans show how deep and ferocious our loyalty towards the club. Torres was a Judas, in my eyes and to many of us.

  10. The talk, the romantic talk of Torres coming back to LFC is a sheer utter bullshit.

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