16 December 2011

Justice for Luis Suarez

Today, Luis Suarez should know his fate, pertaining to the accusation made by the moron in the blue shirt above, that the Uruguayan had uttered a racially abusive word against the French chap.
I am all against racial abused or anything that perceived as a direct bigotry, including ethnic and religious profiling. I am commenting on Suarez not because I have any law background to stifle such accusations or that I think Suarez is guilty. This is simply because the case is very weak. It is Patrice Evra's word against Suarez. There were not witnesses, and it wasn't even recorded by the referee during the match. It was only made known after the moron, reported the matter to his manager who then together they lodged the case to him.
Suarez flatly denies the FA charge of using ‘abusive and/or insulting words and/or behaviour’ towards Evra when the teams met at Anfield in October and any suggestion that his  comments ‘included a reference to the ethnic origin and/or colour and/or race’ of his opponent.
I'm not sure the type of penalties if and when Suarez is to be found guilty as charged. Based on the anti-racism campaign under the KICK IT OUT banner, I supposed the offender could face a lengthy ban and hefty penalties in terms of monetary. Nevertheless, the chaps image will forever be tainted with such a label: a racist!
Which is something the club won't be able to swallow. There is even suggestions in the UK media that the American owner, John W Henry could take a drastic action towards Suarez if he is found guilty, due to the American stand of opposing any type of racial slur (who's not?).
Again, as a mere journalist who has no law study background, I still find the case is a very weak case. If the case is to be heard in the civil court, I'm sure the LFC club would present the motion to overthrow the case. It is hard to prove that Suarez did say `negro' at Evra, as Suarez vehemently denied it. And the video couldn't really justify the lips reading and didn't show any body language. Hell... it's a freakin no case, mate!
I shouldn't speculate but I won't be posting anything in this blog if I stop doing so. If Suarez is to be found guilty, to a such weak case, blur evidence, one-sided accusation... then Suarez obviously is being treated unfairly. The verdict will be out this evening, Malaysian time. We will be watching. We, the Liverpool FC fans hope Suarez will get a fair and just outcome.

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