03 December 2011

Lucas Leiva will be missed (temporarily til he recover)

The first three years with Lucas Leiva was pure headache. I was defending his performance then, thinking there's no way for such a brilliant manager in Rafa Benitez could be so dumb to persistently put him on the starting line. Though that would be an understatement because Rafa did made some blunders in his selection of players. Remember Mark Gonzalez, Robbie Kean and many Spanish players that I couldn't remember their names. I was ridiculed by my own fellow Liverpool supporters, for taking a stand on him.

But during the last tenure of Rafa, it was evident that Lucas was somehow, performing rather clumsily and seldom managed to keep the possession. I joined the anti-Lucas movement. While the ouster of Rafa was inevitable, some of us we quick to suggest that Lucas should join Rafa in Spain. We hated his football, even so we hated his hair-style. Oooh get rid of that hairband. Some even questioned Lucas country of origin. They couldn't accept the fact that Lucas is a Brazilian but doesn't show any of that famous samba on the pitch.

Then, our captain Steven Gerrard was crocked. Crocked for a long time. The club brought in Charlie Adam, who was touted as the same mould of Gerrard. An attacking midfielder who can score (well, he broke my heart with his goal for Blackpool on my first trip to Anfield on 3 October 2010) and Adam is scoring again and again (who cares if its a deflected, the goal still stand!).
Then we saw the emergence of Lucas, so prominent as a ball-stopper or a wall in the Liverpool's defence. He would do what Javier Mascherano always did very well. Stop the opposition on their toes and steal the ball away to renew attacks for the Reds. Week in, week out many of us come to love him more and more. He has been tremendous. It shows that Lucas has proven that his critics are totally wrong. He has been a permanent player in the starting line-up for Liverpool under King Kenny. And he is also a permanent fixture for the Brazilian squad.

And last Wednesday in the Carling Cup quarter final where the Reds put 2 goals passed through Boas's goalie, Lucas got injured. The latest news from Anfield confirmed what we feared the most. Lucas will be out for the rest of the season. OMG!
Would we missed him? King Kenny said no. Since we have a battalion of formidable midfielders within the squad and there were reports saying Jonjo would be called back from Blackpool to replace him. I don't see Jonjo could emulate Lucas bravery and skills, because Jonjo is more like an attacking midfielder. The same instinct of Steven Gerrard and Charlie Adams. What we need is a holding midfielder like Lucas, who would break the opponent's surge and stop their advancement.

I'm referring to Jay Spearing.

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