26 December 2011

LFC goes to USA in 2012 summer, not Asia

Standard Chartered Bank Country Head of Corporate Affair, Norliza Kamaruddin 

THE LIVERPOOL FC squad will be heading to USA during the summer break next July and will only return to this region in 2013, said Standard Chartered Bank Country Head of Corporate Affair, Norliza Kamaruddin.

``It was an overwhelming experience when the squad chose Malaysia as one of its destination during the Asia Tour last July. None of the players knew the level of support that Liverpool FC had in Malaysia. When they came, they were totally surprised and astounded of the reception,'' she said. The National Stadium at Bukit Jalil was turned into Anfield with almost 85,000 fans wore their Red jersey.

``Will the squad come back here? Not in the near future. The club already indicated of its plan to tour the USA next year but yet to decide specifically which region they shall go in 2013. There are three markets that we are both focusing now: Asia, Middle East and Africa.

''There are many request from almost all the market that we operated in to have the squad's visit. Standard Chartered Bank would love to bring them back to Malaysia but it has to come from the club themselves to decide that,'' said Norliza.

Utusanlfc learnt that there is a strong possibility for the club to eventually visit Indonesia in 2013, to commemorate the LFC's football school and to recognised the huge following they have in Indonesia, the forth most populated country in the world. May be by then, Indonesia could learn how to beat Malaysia from Liverpool. hahaha... just kidding!

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