26 December 2011

Christmas Day in Astro Arena Studio LIVE

No bro, I'm not surrendering my Suarez's scarf to you, Hafizan Hashim.

Before the start of Grand Stand LIVE talk show on Astro Arena channel 801 on Christmas Day. From left is Norliza Kamaruddin, Mohd Rizal Hashim, Hafizan Hashim and Chow Yuen Fatt.

I love my Anthem jacket. HAHAHAH

Frankly, I am a bit reluctant to appear on the television. The rules of thumb is that once I got the invite, I have to inform my superior and get the green light. That's nothing really. But if the topic is a general topic or politics, I am so afraid to say things that may deemed as not in lined with the company's policy or worst, been laughed at. Which reminds me of the movie The King's Speech.
However, when Zainal Abidin Rawop invited me to participate in the Grand Stand talk show at 2.30pm on Channel 801 Astro Arena yesterday (Christmas Day), I didn't really have qualms or what so ever. The topic is not only on my hands but also very close to my heart. Together with Standard Chartered Bank's Country Head of Corporate Affairs, Mdm Norliza Kamaruddin, we will be talking on Liverpool for 30 mins on LIVE telecast. So I am okay with it.

As you can see from the photo above, I took the opportunity to parade the new Anthem jacket. Blamed it on Zainal Abidin who shot down my intention to wear a blazer and match it with a Suarez scarf (the second presenter, Hafizan Hashim wore it during the show).
The programme which is called Grand Stand is hosted by the infamous writer and quite recently, a TV personality, Mohd Rizal Hashim. This chap is a long time buddy of mine. We walked the same news beat during our rookie days and actually, he started his career in journalism quite early than me. I knew him as the culprit who incited the mini-riot in Sarawak Stadium during my schooling days in the late 80's. Mdm Norliza witnessed first hand of our `closeness' when we had banters during the 1 minute break. Which continues into the facebook pages last night.
I want to tell you - my dear Liverpool fans in Malaysia....
Rizal Hashim claimed himself as a `has been' supporter of Liverpool FC. He is now not a fan of any club and that fact, making him a `football purist'. This statement was the focal point for our so-called intellectual banters as he loves to tease me as merely a `Liverpool FC hardcore' but lack knowledge of other club. I don't dispute that (HAHAHA...).
But have you ever heard of 'football purist'? Football pussy, may be. But purist? HAHAHA (I still salute Rizal, though!)


rizal hashim said...

Hahahaha purist, puree, sama sedap tu

bro I had never incited the 1988 riot. because i was also still a student maaa!

Oh yes, I grew up admiring Liverpool, from the days of Keegan and Shankly to Fairclough and Paisley but then I decided to make that step up, as a fan who also appreciate other teams!

That means I truly enjoy football at its most beautiful, regardless whether it was demonstrated in the sleepy hollow of Kuching (jangan marah) to the hallowed ground of Goodison Park or Old Trafford! Also my job as journalist requires total objectivity! hahahaa

As for pussy, well I can be a pussy if I want to hahahahha and also a lion if and when required!!!!! anyway enjoyed the show the other day!

utusanlfc (Johardy Ibrahim) said...

kahakahakahaah (bab bertekak ngan Rizal ni berlaku di opis, kedai mamak, opis orang dan di mana saja... hahahaha)



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