28 December 2011

A true Liverpool fan stays loyal to the team in all weathers

WE ARE LIVERPOOL! (lobby of LFC's training centre in Melwood, Liverpool on Dec 8, 2011)

I deliberately withheld to comment on the last few matches that ended up in a rather bemusing result. Failed to score in the Wigan match then didn't get to shut off Blackburn totally. The win against Aston Villa was a bit odd for me to do so. Why? It's because there were so many people commenting on it. While there's nothing wrong with that, I find it rather awkward to read some negative points. Some even suggested for the removal of Kenny Dalglish.

I have read some detailed analysis. I'm sure many of you read it too. There are arguments that Dalglish's accomplishment were not that afar from Roy Hodgson, to telly the result between August to December. Not that far is ranging by the number of the draw and full 3 points that the squad is losing now. In that, I am disagree. To analyse the performances, you have to see the points accrued, based on the numbers of winning, loses and draw. The different is obvious. Dalglish's reign has produced more.

And not only those tangible numbers that one have to take into account. Since the beginning of Dalglish's administration, there are intangible successes, in terms of high morale and positive outlook both within the squad and importantly, the fans all over the world. Hodgson's era was clouded with gloomy skies. The squad was baffling, not knowing what and how the strategy would be done. In fact, I do sense that this was one of the reason for Fernando Torres to renegade against the club and join Chelsea. 

While Dalglish on the other hand, true he wasn't in the management for almost two decades. That's why he got himself a very very reliable right hand man, in Steve Clarke as the first team coach. Clarke was credited (alongside Dalglish) for turning Liverpool's season around, having a points average of around 2 points per match from his arrival, coupled with an improved defencive record. On 12 May 2011, Clarke, as well as manager Dalglish, signed a 3 year permanent contract to remain in his current role as first team coach. He was appointed assistant manager of LFC after the departure of Sammy Lee on the 1st of July.

It is sad to see many of the self-proclaimed Liverpool fans resorted to name calling, criticising negatively and the worst crime of all, suggesting for the dismissal of Dalglish. All of this was because the team didn't get to win against Wigan and Blackburn and four other matches before this. The fact is that our front liners failed to convert the necessary goals to kill off the opponents. And to some degree, U have to agree that it is down to luck, also. The likes of Suarez, Carrol, Maxi and Downing, have done their very best to score. Many times it hit the goal post or bar, and amazingly many times it made the opponent's goalkeeper to be some sort of a hero in denying the goals.

I advice all of you, who are proudly claiming yourself to be a Liverpool fan, to cease from commenting negatively on the squad and the management. It won't do anyone any good. In fact, there are just outright insulting our intelligent.
You should be a proud and loud fan of Liverpool not only in times of win. As the real test of your loyalty would be at times like this. Look at my photo above. Read the writing on the wall. WE ARE LIVERPOOL. 

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