30 December 2011

SIR STEVEN GERRARD, please rise!

Steven Gerrard in a perfect composure taking a lethal shot...

Luis Suarez won't be playing in the match against Newcastle United today (4am Malaysian time). It does make some of us nervous. While our defence has been dubbed ''the meanest'' in the English Premier League, we can't really say much about our striking ability. 

The same reason why we ended in too many draws and losing unexpectedly to a lowly team (with due respect, we thought LFC would be slaughtered by Manchester City but we didn't. Thus, losing to Fulham was puzzling to this day!)

There's a latest interview of Steven Gerrard (click here:Liverpool Echo's Interview With Stevie G) as he described his agony of having to endure his injuries and only started for 9 games the whole 2011. The article is really good. It's like a New Year message from our captain. In fact, it is a New Year message by our wonderful and colourful Captain SG.

Kenny Dalglish said he won't throw Stevie straight into the game tonight, as he would gradually let Stevie loose to enable him to play until May and resuming the new season for 2012-2013. But WHY NOT?

We are not pushing any panic button, due to Suarez's ban. But we have fear because up til now, we score so low. After 18 matches, we're at number 6 with 31 points (thanks to the so many draw). Our squad scored only 21 goals. Newcastle at number 7, scored 25 goals (conceded 22). There is an urgent need for the squad to strike more and more goals and not the post or bar or the side-netting!!!

This brings me to the latest news. Is it true the club is making an enquiry about Darren Bent. If this is the way Dalglish prefers (buy English first), I suggest we have to wait and see. Personally, I think there are a few other established strikers in the English league that worth a buy. Just don't get overboard and spend another 35 million pounds again.

So coming back to the actual issue, I believe Steven Gerrard will eradicate all our gloomy feelings tonight and the remaining half of the season in 2012. Is it because we are a one-man team? Nope. It is because Stevie has got the charisma and leadership, that would inspire and boost the morale of the squad to a higher level even more. Believe in Stevie G. He is our Captain.

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