02 January 2011


  1. I know... I have been neglecting this blog for almost a year. My only truth reason is I was distracted by FACEBOOK. But I can't really say `distracted' since I am still very much active in it (and many of you, too... I KNOW!!!...). I should have started yesterday but I got work to complete, then the weather was oh... so gloomy then it rains, then I went to sleep. It was superfine.

  2. As everyone is buzzing now, we are in the same pathetic position just like 6 months ago when many were calling for Rafa to step down. Today, it's Roy Hodgson's turn. It's bad. It's ludicrous to lose against Wolves last Thursday morning (due to the Malaysian win against Indonesia on the evening before & over-active futsal match, I missed the match at 4am). And last night's win was best termed as a `delayed process of Roy's termination'.

  3. I do not wish to prolong the debate. The new owner must have their own plans for the remaining season, in ensuring the club finished as the Top 4. But if any of you ask me what would I vote for Roy? I'll say: HELL YES... I VOTE FOR ROY TO LEAVE !!!

  4. Instead, I prefer to focus on the players. I am delighted that David Ngog were given a roar when ever he got the ball. It proves that the Kops has taken him into their hearts. I believed his confidence is getting better, and he was shadowed tightly by Zat Knight, but yet he still managed to put a scare on the Bolton's game.

  5. I hope my opinion is not a consolation because my greatest fear is that Liverpool won't have sufficient fund to buy new striker to partner Torres. And not merely a striker but a world-class striker. So, if we have to settle on with Ngog, we might as well give him a strong backing to excel and to score more.

  6. What about Joe Cole? The Sun's photo above is the best to summarise Cole's performances thus far. Red carded on his first match, then injured for many-many moons and when he started the match, he wasn't that fit. So he was subbed (just like he did at Chelsea) for the remaining 10 mins or so, he managed to tap in the ball into the net. Regardless of the off-sides cry by the Bolton's player, we cannot avoid but to feel... a bit jittery about Joe Cole. Ok... lets give him some more time. We know he can do better for Liverpool.

  7. The returned of the lethal combi: Liverpool GT (Gerrard & Torres) were breathtaking. I suspect the only reason for Torres to stay another season in Liverpool was simply the fact that he enjoys pairing with Gerrard when both of them managed to play together on the same pitch. The last 6 months it was Gerrard without Torres (vice versa) due to respective injuries to them. So the lethal combi of Liverpool GT will lit the fire for our survival in this hectic month of January.

  8. And my Liverpool friends, it will be a fiery month, indeed. Fasten your seat belt. It will be a rough ride.


kaisu said...

lama da x follow blog nie..huhu!

utusanlfc (Johardy Ibrahim) said...

Wan Kaisu,

I know. Again, blame it on Facebook. I shall be more active on this blog, with changes in approach & presentation. Probably will insert my published articles too. So dont be despair. I hope it will be fun to read. YNWA ...!!!

kaisu said...

keep it up bro! gud luck!!! im always support u!ynwa!



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