03 January 2011

This must not be the first & last goal from Joe Cole

(Pictures: liverpoolfc.tv)

  1. Joe Cole was was singled out as particularly hopeless in Roy Hodgson's post-match interviews after goalless draw against Utrecht last month. While he was absent most of them due to the red card on his debut, followed by a string of injuries, he was still missing even when Hodgson played him.

  2. Some might say it was the transition blues, experienced by many top players when they switched clubs. But six months is too expensive for Liverpool to be patience anymore. Fortunately, Joe Cole did regain some sweet reviews with the simple tapped in for the winning goal against Bolton Wanderers on Saturday.

  3. One critic suggested that during the World Cup, Fabio Capello had to ditch his 4-4-2 for 4-2-3-1 in order to accommodate Cole. When he eventually did come on against Slovenia and Germany, he was accorded one of the loudest roars of England's tournament, but was just as hopeless as everyone else.

  4. His decision to quit Chelsea for Anfield on a free transfer was meant to be one of the summer's biggest transfer coups, but it now looks like little more than a tragic waste of £80,000-a-week. (And having missed out on Cole, Harry Redknapp promptly lucked into an £8m deal for Rafael van der Vaart, who has shown what a real attacking midfielder looks like).

  5. Cole was adamant that his first goal for Liverpool this season would be the starting of a much more result from him. Well, he just got to do it now, not later. We are in a very silly position, we need to win as many games as we could in this hectic month. A total of 12 matches to be fought in January.

  6. Joe Cole, you can't be invisible anymore. Bring your magic, the ones that we admire you most when you're with your previous club. Do it. Prove it. Win it for us, the fans from all over the world.


Seizer said...

its a very long time... but glad u r back!

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utusanlfc (Johardy Ibrahim) said...

thanks bro. Blame it on Facebook !!! Hahhaha



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