09 January 2011

Kenny Dalglish : Get us back to where we belong!

If Kenny Dalglish is given a free hand, the fans won't object if Kelly Dalglish is appointed as the club spokeswoman. Naaa... just a wishful thinking!!!

  1. I was on the road Saturday when I got the news alert of the much-awaited dismissal of Roy Hodgson and at last, the appointment of Kenny Dalglish as the interim caretaker for the remaining season. While many of the fellow bloggers ran to their Internet connection to post their views, I ...on the other side, decided to carry on with my normal life programme today with my family. I even allow myself to watch Hawaii Five-O just now. (I like...!!!)

  2. I read with interest all the posting made by my fellow LFC bloggers here in Malaysia. For once, majority of us agreed that Hodgson must leave, contrary to the scenario during Rafael Benitez's era where I was among the few voices that went against the notion to expel him from Anfield, then. At least, during his time (except the last one), we win some away matches. In Hodgson's case, the away record was almost 99% ZERO and that's no way for any sympathy, not least by any sober-minded blogger like me, even!

  3. Now, I have nothing much to write about the Hodgson's failure and all I can say to him is : Good Bye. And that's it. No more about him in this blog.

  4. My focus is very much on the match tomorrow night (Malaysian time) against Manchester United in the FA Cup. Sir Alex Ferguson must be grinning with the latest fiasco befallen on his number 1 club nemesis and at the same time, would probably came out with a stinging criticism against the owner for sacking his old pal. Whatever! He's opinion on Liverpool doesn't make us losses any sleep, in fact we welcome it. Most of his venom has been used as an antidote to spur the players and uplifting their game.

  5. This is what we simply want from Steven Gerrard and Co tomorrow at Odd Deadfort stadium. With Kenny Dalglish standing at the side line, we know Torres would want to show the old master what he really can do in especially big matches such as against the self-proclaimed `the new unbeatable' of Manchester United. We will prevail.

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Seizer said...

it will take time.. succes dont pop out just like that...

hail the king!

Kenali Steve Clarke Bawaan Dalglish!

Kreatif dan Berani Babel!




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