16 January 2011

LFC can beat Everton

Remember this photo? Torres celebrating in front of the stunned Everton fans? He will be repeating it tonight!

  1. I was away for a few days last week, thus making me unable to update this blog. This may sounds a crap excuses but with the lousy result in the two matches, there's not much to comment even.

  2. However, tonight is one of the crunch match that is hyper interesting and many of us would positioned the derby at number 2, after Manchester United - every season.

  3. I didn't bother to visit their stadium during my historical personal visit to Liverpool last October. I didn't see any urgency to do so, nor importance. Though my buddy admitted that he is doing a part-time job at Gooddison, just because there was no vacancy over in Anfield. It's related to real survival, I won't say much. But when it concerns pure football, my buddy is as staunch as any of us in mocking the small-club neighbours.

  4. At L1, where the ultra-modern shopping mall is situated at Liverpool, the merchandise store of Liverpool & Everton are situated side by side. I went in to Liverpool's, of course but I opted for the Sport Direct mega store instead of Everton's store. It feels not right at all to step into the enemies shop.

  5. Kenny Dalglish has a rather torrid two early matches for him. But there won't be third time bad luck for him. Tonight (Malaysian time), King Kenny will emerged as the winner with his choice of players. If he retains his choice for the young players (Martin Kelly, Jonjo), no matter what the result is going to be, ultimately it shall be an entertaining one. We are desperately needing new players and if the young stocks be given more exposure, we might find what we're looking for in our own backyard. Let's sing it for team. YNWA !

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syah said...

cool man........the rivalry will never ends forever....



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