06 January 2011

Roy Hodgson : YOUR TIME IS UP. Go NOW

Yes Mr Hodgson, your time is up... Go now...

  1. The anger, frustration and furious that we succumbed now has reached a level of beyond comprehension. One game we win, then the next we lost. The squad miserably lack of consistency. The only consistency now for Liverpool Football Club is to register a tremendous number of losses. A total of 9 matches. Should we be panic? Should we give Hodgson `a bit more' time? With the same number of Fernando Torres's jersey, we can kiss No.4 slot GOOD BYE. Are we seeing any progress? Hell no.

  2. Some would argue that while the manager is the easy target when ever his team is not registering any win, the blame must also goes down to the players. And in this case, those players who are paid multi-million pounds per year.

  3. Many of us now shouting, pleading for the sacking of Hodgson. Enough is enough. Is this just a spur of the moment reaction by the fans? I doubt so. Six months down the season, and the progress that we wish for, is not happening at all.

  4. Previously, Liverpool may slipped into bottom spot but it was due to the match differences or one-two losses, before climbing back to where it is supposed to be (at least top 6). Now look at the chart. OMG !!!

  5. There is no other reason for the club to delay Hodgson's dismissal. Next match is against Manchester United. Even if we win in that match, is Hodgson's job still can be retain? I doubt so. His time is up.


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