05 January 2011

Daniel Agger wants to leave?

If I’m not playing in the Liverpool team on a regular basis, then I am ready to move on,’ he said. ‘I have only just returned from three months out injured, so I am in no position, at the moment, to say I must be in the side for every game.

‘But once I have made a few appearances and regained full fitness, I would expect to be starting games. If I’m not playing, I can’t see a reason for staying.

  1. Such statement was fast ``decipher'' by UK newspapers as a heavy hint from Daniel Agger as ``he is ready to quit'' Liverpool Football Club. Agger could be one of the better player bought by Rafa, as proven with his ability to create havoc from Liverpool's own backyard straight up to the opponents D-area.

  2. In fact, he assisted and even scored some memorable goals while charging onwards. One particular unforgettable goal was during the match against Wigan where he was beaten (and fooled) by an Egyptian striker Arm Zaki, which prompted him to do his own way in order to redeem himself. The game was a shocker, simply because Wigan was touted as a `small team' prior to the game. Most glaringly, it was Zaki's fast thinking that stole the ball from Agger to inflict sorrow onto Liverpool.

  3. For much of the time last season, Agger was in & out of the team sheet due to injury and some times, due to match fitness. I supposed Agger shouldn't be despair because this month we would see Liverpool fought 12 matches, so definitely Agger will have his lion share. I doubt if the manager would play him all the 12 matches for fear of injury, and there are Aurelio, Skrtel, Kyrgiakos while our Deputy Captain, Carragher is still recuperating from his shoulder injury.

  4. I like Agger simply because of his ability, not because of his looks or his tattoo. He was bought from Brondby because of his prowess of initiating attacks from the back, long distance passing skills and venomous shot. I'm sure every one of you won't forget that goal against Chelsea. Wowsieee...

  5. We're waiting anxiously for the `small business' to be executed in Anfield this month. While we're expecting the purchase of a proper strike-partner for Fernando Torres, I hope we don't have to sell Daniel Agger. Since we really really in need to have a cover for Torres, perhaps it is best to let go those players in the forward department only.


Anonymous said...

kalau nak belah belah je!!! jangan cakap banyak!!! pengkianat

gary said...

brader jo, who is this loser? tsk tsk tsk



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