26 January 2011

Malaysiakini says Merseyside Derby is Real Madrid vs Barcelona

The picture above is not the new director of football development for Liverpool Football Club but one thing for sure, he has made a fool of himself among the Liverpool fans, and Everton plus Barcelona and Real Madrid.

This fella is Abdul Rahim Sabri, a writer for the so-called `accurate' and `free from government's influence' news portal, the infamous Malaysiakini. Apparently, in trying to create creativity by analysing an upcoming by-election, the novice writer mix-in some football analogy. But he's effort is best categorised as lame as Roy Hodgson's tactical acumen.

In the opening paragraph, the sorry-writer stated ``Merseyside Derby between Real Madrid and Barcelona''. Where? at Bernabeau, Madrid, Spain. For what? La Liga Championship.

Oh My God!...

The original text was written in Bahasa Malaysia :
``Pertembungan BN dan PAS dalam pilihan raya kecil DUN Tenang umpama perlawanan 'Merseyside Derby' antara Real Madrid dan Barcelona di Stadium Barnabeau, Madrid, Sepanyol untuk perlawanan penentuan kejuaraan La Liga.''

The weirdness of his article continues when he described Barcelona as ``an underdog team''. The true fans would laugh aloud to read this. Even those who are not watching La Liga could tell which club are best to be categorised as the underdog among the football clubs. Barcelona is definitely NOT an underdog team. Stupid.

And have you ever heard of a Real Madrid's player by the name of ''Gucci''? I've seen ex-Real, Beckham & Zidane modelled for LV but Gucci?

I have no interest in the political content of the article. Why should I read the whole piece when the first thing you read was a grossly misleading reference to the Merseyside entity? I don't thing it is an insult to Liverpool fans, nor Everton. But we feel sad for the writer who only managed to make a fool of himself.

The fluke only highlighted few things that this writer is tremendously a lousy one who :
a) doesn't play football (in Malaysia we called them KAKI BANGKU)
b) a really really lazy arm-chair writer (cut & paste)
c) a novice writer who is trying to write something which is not meant for him yet (football!)
d) shows the level of editorship in Malaysiakini because his boss released the news for publication, and in a way proves that the editor himself is zero-knowledge of football (pathetic)
e) he is anything but a Manchester United fan.

Lastly, I strongly advised the Malaysiakini editor to instruct Abdul Rahim Sabri to start doing his research before starting any article in the future, be it on football or what ever he wants. Without proper research, your reputation is as good as shattered and making an arse of yourself.

Malaysiakini, to assist your football-zero knowledge editors & writers to understand what is `Merseyside Derby', I cut & paste below the correct definition from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

The Merseyside derby is the name given to any football
match contested between Everton and Liverpool football clubs, the two most successful clubs from the city of Liverpool in England.

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