17 January 2011

Liverpool 2 - Everton 2 (The real Jay Spearing, pls stand up !!!)

This boy is getting better! Hail Jay Spearing... !!!

  1. If only Fernando Torres's shot didn't hit the post, if only the ball had gone in, if only we can stop feeling sorry to our sorry state at the moment, if only the gloomy feeling we're have been experiencing far too long could be thrown away... if only.

  2. Is one point sufficient? We were completely in control in the first half but all the confidence seems to evaporate within 5 minutes of the second half. What the hell happened? I rather not prolonged my rant here. Not my style. After all, if I were to read this posting again in 10 years time, I really don't want to see myself writing negatively about my own team. So better don't.

  3. Now, when I first saw the team sheet on the net, one name emerged as an outstanding homegrown player. Jay Spearing. This is the kid who has been nurtured by Rafa Benitez, somewhat ignored by Roy Hodgson and now, used for the first time by our new manager, Kenny Dalglish (excuse me, our interim manager).

  4. He was chosen perfectly for this derby match which has produced the most yellow & red cards over the years. Spearing was true blood English style player. Even with his not-so-tall height, he still managed to unsettle the Everton strikers, Anichebe & Benford. Anichebe for one, built like a boxer or a rugby player but hell no, that doesn't stop Spearing at all. Of course, there were times when he miscued and misplaced the ball altogether. But as the game moves on, he was tackling left and right. That got noticed not only by the fans in the stadium but also me, here in Malaysia, some 13,000 km away!

  5. If Jay Spearing perfected his game (and retain by Liverpool), my God... he is the reincarnation of Mascherano that we have been looking for all along. Stand up Spearing. You deserve our salute!


Tengku Sidek said...

Same with me..''Spearing?? when the team sheet displayed in front of me''..then after 20 minutes, yes this guy clearly better than Poulsen..plus he was local lad who comes from Liverpool academy..Please Kenny, give him a chance..because Gerrard had said before that Spearing will be our stars in the future..

utusanlfc (Johardy Ibrahim) said...


as I've said... Sibuk cari kat luar that cost millions of pounds tapi cuba nengok kat team reseave main kat Melwood. Banyak yg berpotensi. & they dont cost a penny! They're born & bread in Liverpool!



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