07 January 2011

Against Manchester United, Sunday. A mountain too high to conquer?

I am already standing up after posting this statement... hehehe...

This is a game we always looking forward to in every season. Be it in the premier league or other competition. This Sunday it will be FA Cup. The only true fight of all the fixtures this week.

But is it really really `a true fight' between titans? While ManUre is having a jolly good time at the top, Liverpool is lurking 2nd place at the bottom. Thus, the murky gloomy feelings we are having now and of course, the ultra-confidence among the freaking-monkey of Manchurian fans.

But what the heck? Gerrard couldn't score from the penalty spot in the dreaded match on Wednesday against Blackburn. Who knows if he had scored, the result could be even. But who cares about `if'?

While the chants and the protests among the Liverpool fans all over the world are getting louder by the minute for Roy Hodgson to leave LFC, it seems the club itself has its own mindset. The anticipation for his dismissal yesterday has not come to materialise. Apparently, the club doesn't want to rock the boat a couple of days before meeting ManUre. So be it. We know now King Kenny Dalglish is reluctant to be the caretaker. He needs to be persuaded harder. Perhaps, after the Sunday game he will take up the position, for the sake of the club and fans all over the world.

The fans have lost faith totally towards Hodgson's capability to handle our club. Just imagine the low spirit the players are enduring now and yet, in two days time they are facing ManUre. I hope they can elevate their performance and beat ManUre. Not for Hodgson but simply for the pride of it and of course, us the loyal fans.

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